Quiz: Do You Know What Brand This Candy Is?
Do You Know What Brand This Candy Is?
By: Monica Lee
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About This Quiz

A midday pick-me-up. A study break. An after-dinner treat. No matter when you want a sweet treat, you know there's nothing like your favorite brand of candy to put a smile on your face.  And if you're a chocolate lover (and who isn't?), you'll relish the unique ways in which different brands make melt-in-your-mouth chocolate even better. It could be with soft caramel spilling out the chocolaty sides, or with a crunchy cookie, or with a nougat filling to make devouring chocolate even more satisfying. 

Think about the brands you like best. Some are from innovative, new companies, some have been around for decades, and some of your favorite sweet treats were developed as brand extensions. An example of a brand extension is M&M's. Originally, only milk chocolate or peanut M&M's were offered. Today the company increases sales through offering different variations on their M&M's, including dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, almonds, pretzels and more.  

When you take this quiz, you may be surprised by how just one brand can offer so many delicious candy bars. Or you'll realize you never paid attention to the brand itself, just the name of your favorite treat! Well, there is no sugar-coating this; it may be a challenge. But it's too sweet to pass up. So grab your favorite candy bar, hard candy or gummy bears and take a bite out of this tempting quiz. 

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What brand makes this chocolaty treat?
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What is the brand of this crunchy chocolate bar?
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Like almonds and coconut? Which brand gives you this candy bar?
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This one is for sharing - which brand distributes it?
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Hungry yet? Check out this chocolate treat. What brand makes this?
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This taffy treat is perfect for serious chewing. What brand makes it?
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Tell us who distributes this tart candy that will make you tear up?
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What brand distributes the PayDay candy bar?
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You know this one. What brand distributes the 3 Musketeers Bar?
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What brand produces the 100 Grand Bar?
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Here's a giveaway. What brand markets this candy bar?
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How do you eat your Reese's, and which brand makes it?
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The Milky Way Bar is distributed by which brand?
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And then there are some candies that pop and fizz in your mouth. Which brand makes this?
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Milk Duds are for caramel lovers. Who distributes these treats?
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It's easy to munch a bunch of M&M's. Who produces this popular candy?
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The GooGoo Cluster is famous in Tennessee. Which brand produces it?
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What brand gives you the crunch of toffee surrounded by chocolate?
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Which brand brings you this crisped rice chocolate treat?
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Do you recall Candy Buttons? What brand produces these?
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Who brought this competition to the Butterfinger Candy Bar?
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Which brand can lay claim to the Butterfinger Candy Bar?
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Yum, malted milk balls! What brand produces this candy?
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This Dairy Milk bar is smooth and creamy - which brand makes it?
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What is the brand that distributes Charleston Chews?
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What brand distributes the Aero Bar?
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Are you a hard-candy cruncher? Then tell us who produces this?
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Yep, we'll take all five of these. What brand distributes this candy bar?
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Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometime you don't. Who distributes this treat?
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Here's something to chew on ... what brand brought us Mr. Goodbar?
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Will you score on this one? Who produces this candy bar?
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What brand distributes the Oh Henry! bar?
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After one bite, you'll remember the name. What brand produces it?
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Which company distributes the Clark Bar?
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What brand distributes this minty breath freshener?
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This bar adds up to scrumptious. What brand produces it?
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It's a bigger bite. Which brand markets this candy bar?
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Which brand produces this favorite?
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What brand produces this minty treat?
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What brand produces this sweet treat?
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