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The job of a plumber often involves using tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, saws and reamers for a variety of household jobs. Some of these jobs include creating pipe threads, using a camera to identify a clogged pipe or removing water elements. These types of jobs require specialized tools that are specific to a plumber's needs.

Tools that a plumber typically uses involve closet augers, plungers, pipe saws and tube benders. While costs, shapes and sizes may vary depending on the tool, a skilled plumber will know how to utilize most of these tools and equipment. While some tools may also look the same, most are used for specific purposes. For example, a cartridge puller is used to pull out cartridges from valves, while a handle puller is used to remove faucet handles that are corroded.

While these tools are a no-brainer for a plumber, we want to test your knowledge with this quiz! Don't worry if you get stuck either, as each quiz will provide you with a hint if you need it. So don't be shy, take this quiz now and see how well you do!

This tool can cut through steel pipes. Can you name it?

Powered pipe cutters can slice through just about any type of material, including steel! These also work well with compatible power drive units.

Name this type of equipment that is used for smoothing out edges.

After pipes are cut, the edges are often sharp and rough, which could be both dangerous and not very aesthetically-pleasing. Metal files help to smooth out these edges.

This tool is used to cut various types of holes in materials, what's the name of it?

Hole saws are great for cutting holes in a variety of materials, including concrete and wood. The saw blades are also round in shape.

Name this type of tool that is used to unclog toilets.

If your toilet is clogged, a plumber may use a closet auger to fish out the problem. These are also called "water closets" as a nickname.

What's the name of this piping tool?

Pipe wrenches are used to adjust pipes through loosening or adjusting. The jaws of the wrench can also be shortened or lengthened depending on the size of the pipe.

Name this handy plumbing tool from the photo.

Slip-joint pliers are great for adjusting nuts and bolts, as well as pumps and pipes. These are very easy to use, and easy to grip for any plumber.

Name this sharp plumbing tool.

Tubing cutters do what their name says: they cut through tubes. These cutters are also ideal for a wide variety of materials, including copper, steel and aluminum.

Name this essential plumbing tool.

Basin wrenches are great for tightening or loosening fasteners that are in hard-to-reach places. These also feature a long reach and a rounded jaw.

This type of equipment is also called a snake. What is the name of it?

"Snakes" or hand augers, are used to unclog sink and bathtub drains. They also won't damage the surface of the drain during the unclogging process.

This popular plumbing tool is used to solder pipes together. Can you name it?

Propane torches are used to solder pipes together through a fine flame. For extra precaution, a plumber may also use a fire-resistant cloth in conjunction with a propane torch.

Name this plumbing tool that can easily pull faucet handles.

Compression sleeve pullers are great for fixing faucets, as they help to detach faucet handles from valve stems. They're also used to pull compression nuts from stubborn tubes.

What's the name of this sharp plumbing tool?

Hack saws are used for hacking away at a variety of heavy-duty materials. Some of these includes plastic, metal and wood.

Name this tool that is used for adjusting nuts and bolts.

Adjustable wrenches are great for tightening or loosening a variety of nuts and bolts. The jaws of this tool can also be adjusted depending on the size of the bolt.

Name this type of equipment that is common in almost every household.

Plungers are a common household tool that is used to unclog almost any type of toilet. They're also cheap and very easy to use.

This handy tool can adjust almost any type of bolt or nut. Can you name it?

Rib-joint pliers are easy to grip and are great for adjusting almost any kind of bolt. These may also be used for various types of pipes and fittings.

Name this type of plumbing equipment.

Also known as groove pliers, channel locks are used to stabilize and unscrew pipes. Many plumbers use channel locks instead of pipe wrenches.

This type of tool is used to support pipes, can you name it?

V-head pipe stands are used to support a variety of pipes if a plumber needs to work on them. These stands are typically shaped like a tripod and can be adjusted in height.

Name this type of cleaning tool.

Pipe cleaning brushes are useful for cleaning dirty tubes and pipes. They're also used to prep a pipe job for soldering.

Can you name this type of plumbing equipment?

Manuel ratchet pipe threaders are used for creating pipe threads for installation purposes. These may also be used on plastic or galvanized pipes.

Can you name this tool which is used to help remove pipes?

This handy tool can help to remove pipe threads, as well as cleanly remove glued pipes. These also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Name this type of plumbing tool that helps to create pipe threads.

Receding geared threaders are used to create large diameter threads for large pipes. This also includes material like black iron and stainless steel.

What is the name of this essential plumbing tool?

Used for thin-wall conduits, these screwdrivers can both ream and smooth using hooded blades. Conduit screwdrivers also feature a cushioned grip to alleviate discomfort.

What's the name of this plumbing tool from the photo?

These types of wrenches features a hex body that is used for taking out pipe ends and broken pipe threads. These are also often made with steel construction.

This plumbing tool is used to cut tubes. What is the name of it?

Enclosed-feed tubing cutters are ideal for small and tight spaces. They can also cut through aluminum, steel and copper material.

Can you name this plumbing tool from the picture?

A drain cleaner can be manually powered for cleaning any type of clogged drain. It can also be attached to a drill for power-operated use. It's also sometimes referred to as a snake.

Can you name this type of wrench in the photo?

These are typically made from carbon steel and are used for safely holding the body of a basket strainer in place. These are also lightweight to carry and easy to use.

Guess the name of this plumbing tool.

Tubing reamers help to get rid of unwanted pipe and tubing burrs during a plumbing job. These are also used for deburring and countersinking.

What's the name of this plumbing tool from the photo?

The purpose of a spiral pipe reamer is to countersink plastic and sheet metal holes. These are also used to deburr pipes and tubes.

What's the name of this essential plumbing tool?

Basin nut wrenches are used to tighten, loosen and adjust nuts and bolts of varying sizes. These also feature a pivoted reversible jaw and T-Torque power.

This tool helps to smooth out conduits. Can you name it?

Conduit reamers attach to screwdrivers to help smooth out conduits that are thin in material. It also works with both round and square-shaped screwdrivers.

Identify the name of this plumbing tool.

This tool helps to pry cartridges from shower valves and faucets. It also helps to remove Moen stems.

This tool is ideal for fixing garbage disposers. Can you name it?

Jammed garbage disposers are no match for these types of tools. Garbage disposer wrenches help to unclog garbage disposers, while keep plumber's hands at a safe distance.

Can you identify this "tube-bending" tool?

Tube benders do exactly what its name says: it bends all kinds of tubes. This includes copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

Name this very sharp plumbing tool.

Pipe saws are ideal for cutting through plastic pipes, and are typically lightweight to handle. The handle is also durable and easy to grip.

Name this tool that can easily cut through pipes.

Pipe shears feature stainles steel blades that can cut through different kinds of pipes. These also feature precise precision and are easy to grip.

What is the name of this wrench in the photo?

Strap wrenches are great for plumbing jobs that involve tub spouts and water filters. The straps are also self-locking and are adaptable to any surface and shape.

Name this tool that can easily pull handles.

If faucet handles are giving you trouble, a plumber may extract them using a handle puller. The adjustable grip fingers of this tool can also fit on just about any type of handle.

Identify the tool in this photo.

This type of wrench is best used with a ratchet to get rid of harsh water heater elements. These are also designed with heavy duty construction for long-lasting durability.

What's the name of this tool that can cut through pipes and tubes?

A plumber can cut through just about any type of pipe with a pipe cutter. These are simply attached to the pipe, and are turned to the side to cut the pipe.

Name this plumbing tool in the photo.

A faucet seat wrench is ideal for getting rid of eroded seats within faucets, showers and hose bibs. These are also fairly inexpensive and come in both square and hexagon shapes.

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