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A, B, C, D, E, F, G... can you pass this quiz with me? Are you ready to step up to the plate and knock this quiz out of the park? In the world of sports, there are tons of acronyms to be used. Do you know what they all stand for?

In the United States, there are a few major sports that have created a host of acronyms in the athletic world. For basketball, football, baseball, and hockey lovers, you're probably not referring to it as such. You might say you're watching the NBA for basketball and the NFL for football. While you might spend countless hours watching these sports, do you know what their acronyms mean?

For a golf player, they're probably talking about the PGA tour. What is that? You might measure a boxer's success in the number of KO's they have. When watching a game, you might be rooting for your favorite MVP or QB on ESPN. These are just a few acronyms in the sports world, and there are countless of others. 

Are you ready to go pro or will you be stuck at the NCAA level? Will you be the MVP of only this quiz or will you come out as the GOAT?

Step up to the plate. Take the shot. Do whatever you have to do! Let's see if you're getting a hole in one with this quiz!

For basketball lovers, what does NBA mean?

The National Basketball Association or NBA for short is the organization of professional basketball teams in the USA. But of course, it also has a worldwide audience as a fan base.


In the global sports competition arena, what does IOC mean?

The International Olympic Committee or IOC is the international committee in charge of the Olympics. They are in charge of both the summer and the winter Olympic games.


In contact sports, what does MMA mean?

Mixed martial arts or MMA was created with the original objective of letting fighters with different martial arts or combat backgrounds duke it out, to see which fighting style was the greatest. But when players started to use a mix to win (or survive!), a new set of sports rules and a whole new category of contact sports, was born.


For baseball lovers, what does MLB mean?

Major League Baseball or MLB is regarded as one of the oldest sports leagues in North America. In fact, it might be the oldest of 'em all.


What does HIIT mean?

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is a very intense cardio training session which, by its name, consists of different types of cardio exercises done alternatively. Please go see a doctor before hitting the gym for some HIIT stuff.


For football lovers, what does NFL mean?

The National Football League or NFL is the American professional football league. Worldwide, perhaps the most popular aspect of the NFL is its yearly championship game called the Super Bowl.


In general sports terms, what does HOF mean?

When we say HOF, it means Hall of Fame. Different sports clusters have their own listing and criteria of what group or athlete should belong to their Hall of Fame.


For golf lovers, what does PGA mean?

PGA stands for Professional Golf Association. It's an official golfers' association in the US, but they're not in charge of all golfing tournaments.


As a spectator of sports, what does ESPN mean?

ESPN means Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. The famous American sports cable channel actually broadcasts worldwide as well.


In the world of racing, what does NASCAR mean?

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is an official stock car racing organization. An American family is in charge of it, and their base is in Florida.


In the world of card games, what does WPT mean?

WPT is World Poker Tour. It's an international poker tournament that's also broadcast on TV.


In boxing, what does KO mean?

KO has entered the regular lexicon to refer to someone being knocked out or heavily punched. But its originally a term for boxing and it means an opponent gets punched falls on the mat and doesn't get up after the referee has counted to 12.


In soccer, what does FIFA mean?

So when soccer fans or World Cup peeps say "football," they actually mean soccer. Ask FIFA, or the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, for clarification.


In fitness and wellness circles, what does PiYo mean?

PiYo is the latest workout thang in the world of fitness. It combines the principles of Pilates and yoga.


In golf, what does LPGA mean?

The LPGA or Ladies Professional Golf Association is an American pro golfers association for female players. However, they also host tours where international players could also compete.


What does GOAT generally mean?

GOAT refers to "greatest of all time." And no, that's not just Muhammad Ali, but many athletes who proved their great worth during their heyday of play.


In soccer, what does HT mean?

HT or halftime is the pause within the game, which takes place after the first half of the game has concluded, and before the second half begins. American football also has this, as well as other team sports divided into two halves.


In the world of married athletes, what does WAGS mean?

WAGS is an acronym coined for Wives And Girlfriends of sports stars. But wait, there's more: HABS is also kinda emerging -- meaning husbands and boyfriends of female athletes. Equality is important, right?


In baseball, what does HR mean?

HR means "home run" in baseball. That usually happens when a batter hits the ball outside of the game's perimeter, so the batter can run around all four bases and claim points for them.


In American football, what does QB mean?

QB or quarterback is a term used in American football. It's a very important position, and those who have held it become celebrities in their own right.


In basketball, what does MVP mean?

MVP often stands for "most valuable player." While basketball is a team sport, it's unavoidable that a lone player can become the MVP because of their amazing solo performance.


For underwater enthusiasts, what does SCUBA mean?

The Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus or SCUBA for short consists of a mechanism that a diver puts on their back and uses to breathe underwater. There's an art to carrying that thing with you, and divers earn SCUBA certifications for diving, too.


At the "amateur" level, what does NCAA mean?

The NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association is an organization that regulates academic sports teams, usually at the college level. While they move like pros, NCAA athletes are still considered as amateurs since they don't get paid.


In American football, what does YDS mean?

YDS means yards, so a singular yard can also be termed as YD. It's a big deal to count yards in football stats.


In baseball, what does SO mean?

SO means strikeout in baseball. A strike is when a batter couldn't hit a good pitch or when they hit the ball badly; three of those kinds of blunders renders a strikeout.


In American football, what does TD mean?

TD means touchdown, or when a player scores a point. It may just be the happiest acronym for both players and fans! Go team!


In most full contact sports arena, what does MD mean?

MD means majority decision, meaning majority of the judges in the game favor one player to win. Their decisions usually have numerical basis, and not just whimsical in nature.


In boxing, what does UD mean?

UD means Unanimous Decision. This means all of the judges in a boxing match decide on one boxer to win.


In racing, what does DNF mean?

DNF means Did Not Finish. It's an official call on racers who were initially there at the start of the race but were nowhere to be found by the end of it. Tough luck!


In general sports lingo, what does OT mean?

OT or overtime is a universal term for sporting matches that have to clock in extra time for playing. It is used to determine a winner from a tie score in most cases. It's also a term used by office workers, one they don't like doing -- unless they get paid for it!


In surfing, what does NPAC mean?

The North Pacific Ocean or NPAC by surfers is that northern part of the Pacific Ocean where huge storms cause great swells, and land on the coastlines of surf-friendly beaches found in the area. And that's swell news for surfers who love catching great waves!


In basketball, what does FT mean?

An FT or free throw is a chance for a basketball player to score points all by themselves after they are subjected to a foul move by an opponent. So it's like b-ball karma.


In tennis, what does PR mean?

Tennis players request for a PR or protected ranking if they want to sit out because of an injury for a few months; they can get back in the game when they've healed. This way, whatever rank they have prior to the injury will not be affected, and they can return to tournaments using their ranking.


In America's global sports participation, what does USOC mean?

The United States Olympic Committee or USOC is the governing body in the US that takes care of the country's participation in the Olympics and such. Each country has this kind of committee, at least those eligible to join the Olympics.


In general sportsmanship, what does DQ mean?

DQ generally means disqualified, like when an athlete is found to have disobeyed rules of engagement and then gets kicked out. In boxing, DQ means disqualification, but practically the same concept.


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