Quiz: Do You Know What's Good for Your Car and What's Not?
Do You Know What's Good for Your Car and What's Not?
By: Bambi Turner
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About This Quiz

Think you know the secrets for getting the best gas mileage for your car, or how to protect yourself and your ride if you end up in a skid? Know when and how to change your oil, top off your fluids or swap out old filters? Take our quiz to see how much you really know about what your care actually needs, and what it doesn't.

Kelley Blue Book reported the cost of a new car at just over $36,000 at the start of 2018. That's a big chunk of change for anyone without a trust fund, and it doesn't even include the thousands of extra dollars spent annually to fuel, insure and maintain your ride. Despite transportation ranking as the second biggest expense behind rent for many people, few know what it takes to actually get the most from a car, including how to cut gas costs, stay safe while driving, and keep the car on the road for many years to come.

Sure, you can splurge on regular trips to the dealership to have your car maintained, but that won't solve all your problems. There's plenty of opportunity to boost your car's performance, or totally destroy it, during everyday driving and maintenance. But do you know what's good for your car and what isn't? Take our quiz to find out!

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When should you splurge at the pump and fill your car with premium gas?
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How often do you really have to change your oil?
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Assuming your car is less than 20 years old, how long should you let it warm up in the morning before you hit the road?
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When is it a good idea to fill the engine in your car with jet fuel?
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What should you do when you're pumping gas and the pump automatically shuts off?
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What should you do if you lose control of the car in a ride equipped with anti-lock brakes?
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What is the most common disadvantage to a filthy engine air filter?
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Which gets better gas mileage on average, a dirty car or one that's freshly washed?
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How long can you let your car idle before you will lose less gas by switching it off, then back on again when you are ready to roll?
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What is the very best solution for your car if you accidentally fill your gas tank with diesel?
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How much are you likely to cut your gas costs if you fill up early in the morning when temperatures are low rather than later in the day?
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What should you do with your truck's tailgate if your goal is to maximize fuel economy?
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How much do you reduce your fuel economy when you turn on the AC in the summer?
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Which of these is NOT a benefit associated with using manual transmission?
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Which of these aftermarket products is proven to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy?
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What's the best way to save yourself and your car if you find yourself skidding?
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What's most likely to happen to your car if you use off-brand gasoline?
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Which of these is true about driving around with under-inflated tires?
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What should you do if you go to the station to fill up with gas and you see a tanker truck refilling the station's tanks?
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What car part could potentially be damaged if you overload your key chain?
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Which of these should you do if you plan to store your car for a month or more?
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When is it OK to add water to your windshield washer reservoir?
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What benefit do tire valve caps provide for your car?
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Which of these common household objects is a great tool for testing tire tread depth?
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When is it recommended to substitute transmission fluid for brake fluid?
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When you see numbers like 10W-30 on a bottle of motor oil, what are those numbers referring to?
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Winter weather is hard on cars. Which of these is not a good way to maximize fuel economy when it's cold outside?
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What must you add to full-strength antifreeze before adding it to your car?
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How long should you baby your new car when breaking it in to maximize lifetime performance?
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What happens if you mix two different colors of coolant together in your car?
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Why must you run your air conditioner periodically in the winter?
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How often should you rotate your tires to stay safe on the road and extend the life of your wheels?
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