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Soul food is a popular type of cuisine that involves mac and cheese, collard greens, fried chicken and fried green tomatoes among many other dishes. Though this type of cuisine is popular in the South, many cultures have adapted soul food to put a unique spin on it.

Let's take a look at some classic soul food recipes. Fried chicken, for instance, is made by frying chicken that has been dredged in various coats of seasoned flour and buttermilk. Fried catfish and fried pork chops are also popular fried foods, and pair well with a side of mashed potatoes and black-eyed peas with ham.

Some soul food recipes may contain strange ingredients. For example, did you know that red-eye gravy actually contains coffee? This is used to give depth and nuttiness to the sauce, as well as a rich brown/red color. Another great soul food recipe is deviled eggs, which is actually made with mayo and mustard!

In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge on 35 soul food recipes ... and what's in them! Do you think you know what's in a fried chicken dish? Or how about what's in fried green tomatoes, country-style pork ribs and caramel cake? Take this quiz now to test your soul food knowledge!

Do you know what's in a classic peach cobbler dish?

While the recipe of a peach cobbler dish may vary, standard ingredients includes peaches, sugar, butter, flour and eggs. This is usually baked in a casserole dish until the mixture is hot and bubbly.


You can't make collard greens without...?

A classic collard greens recipe calls for collard greens, onions, garlic and broth (such as chicken broth). Some variations also include ham and bacon.


What's missing from this buttermilk biscuits recipe: flour, butter and...?

Buttermilk is a staple in any homemade buttermilk biscuits recipe. Some recipes also use soft wheat flour.


Classic fried chicken calls for...?

A classic fried chicken recipe calls for chicken, buttermilk, flour and various seasonings, such as salt, pepper and paprika. This is also best served with waffles, or with mashed potatoes.


What do you think is in corn pudding?

Corn pudding is a mixture of corn, butter, flour and cream (among other ingredients) for a rich and creamy side dish. This is then baked until it's hot and bubbly.


What makes a great shrimp and grits dish?

Shrimp and grits is an authentic Southern dish that is comprised of shrimp, grits, butter, broth and cheese. This may also be topped with bacon and green onions.


Gumbo has a ton of ingredients, but which of these best describes this classic dish?

Gumbo contains a wide variety of seasonings and vegetables in a rich and hearty stew, such as okra, peppers, onions and garlic. This is also best served with rice under it, as well as chopped parsley on top.


Can you guess what ingredients are in hush puppies?

Hush puppies are made up of cornmeal, flour, a leavening agent, butter and buttermilk. Other variations include adding in peppers, onions and cheese as well.


Cornbread is made up of flour, buttermilk, eggs and...?

Cornbread is a type of bread that is made up of cornmeal, buttermilk, flour, eggs and a variety of other fillings. Some of these includes cheese, peppers and onions.


Sweet potatoes, sugar, a pie crust and butter sounds like it would make a...?

Sweet potato pie is a classic Southern dessert that features sweet potatoes as the main ingredient. It's also incorporated with sugar, butter and seasonings like cinnamon and vanilla extract.


Deviled eggs is a classic soul food recipe that consists of...?

Deviled eggs is a popular appetizer at parties and events, and is made up of eggs, mayo and mustard. Other variations include adding in paprika, bacon and relish.


A great creamed beans recipe will have...?

Creamed green beans consists of green beans, flour, butter and cream. This is often eaten as a side dish, and is baked until the mixture is bubbly.


A black-eyed pea salad contains tomatoes, peppers, celery, onions and...?

Black-eyed peas is a key component in a classic black-eyed peas salad. The salad may also be enhanced with fresh basil leaves and homemade dressing.


What do you think is in a banana pudding recipe?

A classic banana pudding recipe will entail vanilla wafers, bananas, eggs, sugar and flour. This is often baked in a casserole dish until the mixture is hot and the crust is a golden brown color.


What is this meatloaf recipe missing: eggs, onions, ketchup, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and...?

You can't make a moist meatloaf without ground beef, which is enhanced by the tangy ketchup and the sweet brown sugar. Meatloaf may also contain crushed saltine crackers and sage.


Catfish, buttermilk, cornmeal and savory seasonings make a wonderful _________ _________.

Fried catfish is made up of catfish fillets, cornmeal, buttermilk and a variety of seasonings. Some of these includes salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder and onion powder.


Pan drippings + coffee + flour = ?

A red-eye gravy is a type of sauce that utilizes pan drippings from a piece of protein, such as ham. The pan drippings are thickened with flour and mixed with coffee for a rich and nutty sauce.


What's in a fried green tomatoes dish?

Fried green tomatoes are tomatoes that are coated in eggs, flour and bread crumbs (as well as cheese). These are then fried to a golden brown color.


Baked beans are made up of beans, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and...?

Baked beans are often sweet in taste, which is due to the maple syrup and the brown sugar. The apple cider vinegar helps to cut the sweetness with a burst of acidity.


Country-style ribs are made up of pork ribs, brown sugar, seasonings and ______ _______.

You can't have country-style ribs without BBQ sauce, which can either be homemade or store bought. Some cooks marinate the ribs in BBQ sauce, while others brush it on during the final stage of the cooking process.


What is in a classic chicken pot pie dish?

A chicken pot pie contains many elements of chicken noodle soup (minus the noodles) in a flaky pie pastry. The pie crust should be a nice golden brown color, while the mixture should be creamy and savory.


Pork chops, flour, buttermilk and seasonings make up a delicious ______ _____ ______ dish.

Fried pork chops are made by creating a dual coat of buttermilk and seasoned flour on the outside of pork chops. These are then fried until the inside is cooked, and the outside is golden brown.


Mashed potatoes are a perfect side dish to many meals, but what do you think is in them?

While mashed potato recipes may vary, a standard recipe calls for potatoes, butter, cream and salt. You may also mix in sour cream, bacon, chives and half and half for diverse flavors.


Chuck roast, brown sugar, red wine and seasonings are the standard ingredients to make _____ _______.

A pot roast is a slowly cooked chuck roast that is cooked in a mixture of red wine, brown sugar and a variety of seasonings. Other variations may also include balsamic vinegar, beef broth and onions.


What do you think is in a chicken-fried steak recipe?

While a chicken-fried steak may sound like it has chicken in it, it's just a method of frying a piece of cubed steak. The steak is usually dredged in a seasoned flour and fried to a golden brown color.


Can you tell what's missing from this pound cake recipe: flour, sugar, milk, butter and...?

A pound cake typically requires quite a few eggs, as well as flour, milk, sugar and butter. This is also a great base for fillings and sweet icings on top.


Ground sausage, biscuits, flour, milk and salt sounds like...?

Biscuits and gravy is made up of biscuits with heaps of homemade gravy on top. The gravy is usually made up of flour and milk, as well as ground sausage.


Broth, chicken, veggies and dumplings sounds like...?

Chicken and dumplings is a variation on the classic chicken noodle soup, except with dumplings! You can either make the dumplings from scratch, or purchase them pre-made from a grocery store.


What's in a classic pralines recipe?

Pralines are a popular dessert in the south that is also easy to make! All you need is pecans, vanilla, sugar, butter, cream and a candy thermometer.


Cheese, elbow noodles, butter, milk and flour are the basic ingredients for...?

Mac and cheese is a staple in soul food cooking, and is made up of elbow noodles, milk, butter, flour and cheese. Other variations include adding bacon and onions in the mixture.


Shrimp, broth, rice, diced tomatoes and veggies are the key components in a ___________ dish.

Jambalaya is made up of many ingredients, but standard aspects include shrimp, broth, rice, veggies and diced tomatoes. This also utilizes the "holy trinity" of cooking, which is celery, onions and bell peppers.


What do you think is in a red beans and rice recipe?

Red beans and rice is a hearty soul food dish that consists of 3 primary ingredients: rice, beans and sausage. This may also be enhanced with seasonings, celery and onions.


Bread, fried seafood, slaw, mayo and hot sauce make up a ______ _______ recipe.

A po' boy is a type of sandwich that consists of hot sauce, mayo, slaw and fried seafood. Seafood options include perch, oysters and catfish, among many others.


Classic black-eyed peas consists of...?

A classic black-eyed peas recipe calls for black-eyed peas, ham, broth and butter. This is a great side dish for fried pork chops, fried catfish or fried chicken.


What is in a classic caramel cake recipe?

A caramel cake contains layers of rich caramel icing, as well as moist sponge cake. You can either make the caramel from scratch or buy it pre-made from a store.


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