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Are you a diehard NASCAR fan? Do you know exactly what car each driver drives right down to the make and model? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about NASCAR drivers and their cars.

If you're a NASCAR fan, you probably know what make of car each driver drives. After all, a driver is known for his or her car, right? It's not like a driver will just switch up cars - a driver and their car are bonded, man!

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series rings in the 70th season of professional stock car racing in the US. Drivers will be behind the wheels of some of the most well-known models from car manufacturers such as Toyota, Chevrolet, and Ford, and will be sponsored by some of the most famous brands in the nation. 

And, although some of our favorite drivers retired last year (a fond farewell to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Danica Patrick), we can count on great matchups that will be sure to get our blood racing. Hands up if you think this year of motorsports will be one of the most exciting ones ever.

Let's get if you can come in at the head of the pack with this quiz.

AJ Allmendinger

AJ Allmendinger is the proud driver of a Chevrolet SS. The owner is JTG Daugherty Racing.


Brett Moffitt

Brett Moffitt rides a superior Toyota, courtesy of BK Racing. He's sponsored by Earthwater.


Ty Dillon

Ty Dillon is the proud driver of a Chevrolet. His team is brought to you by GEICO, but we promise that you won't see Flo.


Ryan Sieg

Ryan Sieg reaches some serious speed with his Toyota. His team is sponsored by BK Racing Graphics.


Joey Gase

Joey Gase kills it with his Toyota. Number 83 comes to us courtesy of Eternal Fan/Premier Millwright.


Derrike Cope

Derrike Cope is famous for being #00. He's also famous for driving a Chevrolet courtesy of StarCom Fiber.


Corey LaJoie

Did you remember that Corey LaJoie rides a Toyota? #23 is sponsored by My Freedom Smokes. Doesn't THAT sound interesting.


Boris Said

Boris Said is another skilled Chevrolet driver. #33 is brought to you by the Genesee Brewing Company.


Carl Long

Carl Long is all about his Chevy. His team is Motorsports Business Management.


Alex Bowman

Alex Bowman is a fine driver of a Chevrolet. He drives for Hendrick Motorsports and is sponsored by Nationwide.


Alon Day

It's all about Toyota for number #23. The car is owned by BK Racing and is sponsored by Earthwater. Alon Day is Israel's 2016 Athlete of the Year.


Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick stands out for a lot of reasons, and one of them is her Ford. The car is owned by Stewart-Haas Racing.


Darrell Wallace Jr.

Another great Ford driver is Darrell Wallace Jr. The team owner is Richard Petty Motorsports, and he is sponsored by Smithfield.


Erik Jones

Ain't nobody can take Erik Jones away from his Toyota. #77 is brought to you by 5-hour ENERGY Extra Strength.


Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch is a Ford driver. #41 is owned by Stewart-Haas Racing and is sponsored by Monster Energy.


Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson is a proud Chevrolet driver. #15 is owned by Premium Motorsports and brought to you by Phoenix Air.


Paul Menard

Paul Menard is all about his Chevy race car. His team is owned by Richard Childress.


Ross Chastain

Ross Chastain is yet another driver that chooses Chevrolet. He is brought to you by "Use Your Melon, Drive Sober."


Timmy Hill

Timmy Hill chooses Chevrolet. #66 is sponsored by O.C.R. Gaz Bar.


Trevor Bayne

Trevor Bayne stands out from the pack with his Ford racing car. The car is owned by Roush Fenway Racing.


Aric Almirola

Aric Almirola is all about his Ford. #10 is sponsored by Smithfield.


Cody Ware

Cody Ware is a Chevy rider. He is sponsored by Lilly Trucking and is owned by Rick Ware Racing.


Cole Whitt

#72 is driving a Chevrolet. It's owned by TriStar Motorsports and is brought to you by TriStar Motorsports. Makes things simple.


Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Yes, he was a Chevy man. He was also sponsored by Axalta and the car is owned by Hendrick Motorsports.


Gary Klutt

Gary is a Chevy driver. #15 comes to you courtesy of Color Compass Corporation, and he's owned by Premium Motorsports.


JJ Yeley

Do you see a trend in NASCAR drivers? There are a lot of Chevys, Fords and Toyotas on the racetrack. JJ Yeley brings just another Toyota.


Kevin O'Connell

Kevin O'Connell is another fine Chevy driver. He is sponsored by SBC Contractors Inc.


Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch prefers Toyota. He also eats a lot of M&M's Caramel, because that's who sponsors him!


Ray Black II

Ray Black II is a Chevy Man. #51 is sponsored by Scuba Life and owned by Rick Ware Racing.


Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman wouldn't be caught dead without his Chevrolet. Rocket Man is sponsored by Caterpillar.


Tommy Regan

Tommy Regan is another great driver of a Chevrolet race car. #55 is owned by Premium Motorsports/RWR.


Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson is a proud driver of a Chevrolet. #24 is owned by Hendrick Motorsports.


Joey Logano

Yep, Sliced Bread drives a Ford. He's part of Team Penske.


Justin Marks

Justin Marks drives a Chevrolet. But more importantly, he's sponsored by Golden Corral. Just saying.


Kyle Larson

You can't deny Kyle his love of Chevrolet. He is sponsored by Credit One/DC Solar, and the car is owned by Chip Ganassi Racing.


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