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The Bible - especially the Old Testament - is full of descriptions of the battles fought by the Israelites and the peoples they interacted with. Can you name the important people and places of major Biblical battles?

The Israelites didn't have to fight the ______ army after crossing the Red Sea because it was destroyed in the waves of the Red Sea.

Sometimes, the most memorable battles are ones that didn't happen. By leading the Israelites through the sea and collapsing the waves after them, God protected them from Pharaoh's forces.

With what weapon did David defeat Goliath?

David only brought a sling and five stones into the battle, but it was enough to fell Goliath before he could harm David.

In Revelations, the vision shows an angel who locks Satan into a pit for ______.

In Revelations 20, an angel chains the devil into a pit and seals it for 1,000 years, after which time he "must be loosed for a little while."

In Genesis 14, the forces of Sodom and Gomorrah are defeated, and Abraham's nephew ______ was taken captive.

Abraham (then known as Abram) mounted a rescue party and routed the enemy camp at night, saving Lot and recovering all his property from the looters.

Abraham's victory over Chedorlaomer was celebrated by a priest king named ______, who offered bread and wine during the blessing.

Melchizedek is mentioned in the New Testament because of his choice of offerings. In Hebrews, Christ is described as a "priest in the order of Melchizedek" because he blessed bread and wine at the Last Supper.

One of the greatest battles fought in the Bible is between angels: Lucifer, the fallen angel, is cast out of heaven by...

St. Michael is the archangel who pursued Satan and, together with his forces, cast the demons out of heaven. The battle between the two is described in Revelation 12.

What prevented the Egyptian army from immediately pursuing the Israelites when they were led out by Moses?

Their pursuit was delayed by the appearance of a pillar made of cloud. Later, it became a "pillar of fire and of cloud" (Exodus 14:24).

In the battle with Amelek's forces, the Israelites did better when Moses ______ and worse when he rested.

"Whenever Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed; and whenever he lowered his hand, Amalek prevailed." (Exodus 17:11) When Moses was too tired, Aaron and Hur propped him up, one on each side.

Who was the man that Moses sent out to lead the Israelites in battle?

Joshua led many battles for the Israelites during their wandering years. In a sense, Moses was the staff and Joshua the sword of the army.

In the battle against Midian, Moses sent 1,000 men from each of the ______ tribes.

Each of the 12 tribes of Israel contributed 1,000 men for a total of 12,000 marching on the forces of Midian. Afterward, they killed all the males of Midian and many of the women, too.

Joshua defeated the city of ______ with trumpets and shouting.

As the story goes, Joshua and his army marched around the walls of Jericho at the Lord's command. At the end, the Israelites gave a shout and the walls fell down.

Rahab and her household were protected during the attack on Jericho because...

Out of all the people of Jericho, Rahab and her household were the only ones to be spared after the battle. She and her family took up residence in Israel afterward.

Joshua and his men took the city of Ai through...

They set an ambush for the people of Ai. The main army pretended to retreat in disarray, so the king of Ai and all his men pursued them. But the Israelites had set an ambush and set fire to the city as soon as the defending army left it, causing them to be routed.

At the Battle of Gibeon, they say more men died from ______ than by the sword.

The retreating army of the Amorites not only had to escape the wrath of the Israelites but the "great stones from heaven" as well. See Joshua 10:11.

In most battles, an Israelite loss is blamed on...

When the Israelites lost a battle, they would turn to their prophets to ask God the reason. More often than not, the answer was that they had done something he forbade, such as stealing or worshiping false idols.

With how many men did Gideon, one of the judges, defeat the Midianites?

Gideon planned on taking over 30,000 men into battle but was told to put his men through a series of tests so that the Israelites did not think they were responsible for their own success. Instead, after launching a surprise attack on the enemy camp, they successfully defeated the Midianites with only 300 fighters.

In the Book of Samuel, the Philistines capture Israel's most sacred possession, the...

The Ark of the Covenant was believed to be God's dwelling place on Earth, and it was the most sacred object the Israelites had. For it to be captured in battle was a crushing blow to the nation.

Who defeated Goliath?

Goliath was a fearsome Philistine warrior who challenged the Israelites to one-on-one battle. David was the only man (rather, boy) who accepted.

What did the Philistines do after Goliath was defeated?

After they realized that Goliath was dead, the Philistines fled, abandoning their camp. The Israelites were easily able to drive them off, then loot the camp.

How did the Israelites gain the advantage at the Battle of Gibeon?

The attack on the Amorites was successful because the army of Israel came upon them swiftly and suddenly. Their camp was in disarray from the surprise and they soon fled.

How did Saul convince the people to protect the city of Jabesh-Gilead?

Sometimes the Israelites just needed a little external motivation to do the right thing. Saul's plan worked, and he quickly raised an army to defend the people of Gilead.

What did Gideon's men use to frighten the Midianites?

While the Midianites were sleeping, Gideon and his small army surrounded the camp and created a terrible racket by blowing trumpets and breaking clay pots. Their ingenuity led to a victory over an army hundreds of times larger than their own.

What made Gideon confident he could defeat the army of the Midianites?

Gideon was inspired to walk down to the Midianite camp and listen to what the soldiers were saying. One soldier described a dream in which a small loaf of bread rolled down the mountainside and crushed his tent; the other said the dream was a portent that Gideon would win.

How did Saul die in the battle against the Philistines at Mount Gilboa?

Saul's stubborn persecution of David and his refusal to follow the Lord's instructions meant that his armies didn't have the strength they needed to defeat the Philistines. Saul, after sustaining an arrow wound and learning his sons had been slain in battle, desired to die before the Philistines reached him.

In a battle against the Ammonites, David encouraged a temporary retreat so that Uriah would be killed and David could take his wife, ______.

This was a low point during David's reign -- he sacrificed a loyal soldier on the front lines of battle in order to marry the man's wife, who was then pregnant with David's child.

In the second chapter of Samuel, David must do battle against which of his sons?

Absalom plotted for several years, slowly building allegiances and winning over the hearts of the people by promising to deal with their troubles fairly. David only discovered the plot after Absalom had been declared king by another faction.

During the reign of King Rehoboam, the King of ______ looted the temple at Jerusalem.

Because the Israelites repented, Jerusalem was not destroyed by the invading army. Nevertheless, it was a blow to see the temple treasures carted away.

How many times did Joshua and his army march around the walls of Jericho?

Seven is a number of perfection in the Bible. Thus, it's unsurprising that it would also be the number of times Joshua and his army had to march around Jericho.

Ahab perished in the battle against the Syrians, just as the prophet ______ had warned.

Ahab was not a hero in the Bible; he and his wife Jezebel were frequently the stories' antagonists. Ultimately, he met his end in battle after ignoring the prophets.

In 2 Kings, the Assyrians invade Israel. Who wins?

The Assyrians at first exacted a tribute from Israel and later conquered many cities when Israel stopped paying. Israel was a vassal state to Assyria for some time.

King ______ conquered Jerusalem, causing a mass exile.

2 Kings 24 describes how Jerusalem fell because of the sins of Manasseh who "filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, and the Lord would not pardon."

After Jerusalem was conquered, the first ______ exile began.

During the Babylonian exile, the inhabitants of Jerusalem were forced to relocate to Babylon as a servile race. Ultimately, the Israelites were treated well there, but they mourned the loss of their true home.

Not all battles in the Bible are physical: in several places, Paul urges fledgling Christians to wage ______ warfare.

As Paul says, "the weapons of our warfare are not worldly" (2 Corinthians 10:4) and that Christians should "put on the armor of light" (Romans 13:12).

In the New Testament, Jesus foretells the destruction of...

He speaks of how no stone will be left upon another after a battle that takes Jerusalem. It's also considered a reference to his own crucifixion.

Revelations describes a battle between "The Word of God" and the ______.

The beast and those who follow it are cast down into a "lake of fire and brimstone" in Revelations 19 by the rider of a white horse and the hosts of heaven.

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