Do You Own Your Cat, or Does Your Cat Own You?

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Many people own a cat for their cute face, fluffy fur and adorable personality traits. And what's not to love about cats anyway? Nevermind their scary glares, mischevious tactics to getting food or knocking cups and pencils off the table, because we all know that cats mean well on the inside. If you're shaking your head in disbelief right about now, then your cat is probably trying to take over your life!

It can be difficult to tell whether or not a cat is really trying to take control of one's life, as they can be very smart, sly and deceptive animals. One thing that you can do is reward your cat when they are behaving well. Give them some treats, pay them a few compliments or scratch the top of their head. On the flip side, if your cat is behaving badly, then you can discipline them in constructive ways. Place them in a quiet room, like a separate bedroom, as a timeout for 10 minutes or spray them with a little bit of water (using a water spray bottle). This will discourage bad behavior, which will allow you to regain control of your life again! So no matter who the leader of your household is, tell us more about your cat in this funny quiz!

How do you think your cat feels when you're away from home?

When your cat needs something from you, do they often meow to get your attention?

If you dressed your cat up in a cute little Christmas outfit, would they love you or hate you more?

Does your cat scratch the carpet or any furniture, or is it more well-behaved?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being "all the time"), how often does your cat cuddle with you?

It's bath time ... for your cat that is! How do they feel about soap and water?

We know that your cat is obviously a cat, but which of these other animals is it similar to?

Does your cat get along with other people and/or pets or does it prefer to live a life of solitude?

If your cat's life was a comic book story, would it be the superhero or the villain?

Do you think that your cat is secretly plotting against you, or is this something that they would never do?

You now have a chance to rename your cat! Which of these Pokemon names will you choose?

You've got some catnip hidden in your kitchen cupboards! Is your cat going to try and sneak some for itself?

When you give your cat a new toy, do they show gratitude to you or do they quickly lose the toy?

Tardar Sauce, aka "Grumpy Cat," is known for its grumpy face. What % grumpy is your cat?

It's time for a nail trim! How does your cat feel about getting a manicure?

Which of these faces does your cat make to try and persuade you for some treats?

On a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being "not at all"), how much does your cat love you?

Is your cat more active during the early morning hours or do they tend to run around your home at 1 a.m.?

If your cat could talk to you, what's the first thing they would say?

You're taking a peaceful nap on the couch when suddenly, you notice that your cat is trying to wake you up! How are they doing this?

Has your cat ever tried to scratch you for their own amusement?

Would your friends and family describe you as a "crazy cat lady/man?"

Let's say that your cat wants to go outside for some nice fresh air. What would you do?

Which of these seven deadly sins describes your cat's personality the best?

Where does your cat fall on the spectrum of immature to mature?

Does your cat often hide from you, or does it proudly walk next to you around the house?

In just one word, how would you describe your cat's meow?

Is your cat a picky eater, or does it munch on anything that you put in front of it?

Does your cat tend to get jealous when you're not giving them enough attention?

How much of a nightmare is it for you to take your cat to the vet?

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