Do You Really Want to Be in a Relationship?

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About This Quiz

Sometimes we're in relationships for all the wrong reasons. Maybe it's because we don't want to be lonely or because all our friends are doing it. Or maybe it's because you and your partner look great together or that you've been together forever. Whatever the reason is, something has led you here, so we think it's time that you find out if you really want to be in a relationship, or not. 

Often times, it's not until something goes wrong that we begin to see the cracks in our romances and the self-examination begins. Then, you start to question what it is that's keeping you in that relationship and if it really is worth saving. If you don't want to go that deep or you don't know where to begin, this quiz is perfect for you. It takes into consideration the good, the bad and the ugly and will let you know where your head is at right now ... or where it should be if you have love blinders on.  

Are you secretly dreaming of being single, or are you as happy as a clam in your relationship? Doing this quiz is the easiest and most fun way to find out. So let's see if you'll still have a partner by the end, or if you'll be single, but not so ready to mingle. 

What's your relationship status at the moment?

How many relationships would you say you've had?

And how many of them have failed miserably?

Do you ever feel tied down when you're in a relationship?

What's the worst thing about being with someone?

But what makes it all worth it?

Is your partner cheating ever an issue in your relationship?

But have you ever cheated?

How soon after making it official would you move in together?

What's the one activity you think you and your boo could do together?

When's the best time for love?

Is PDA something that you're into?

Do you ever want a break from your partner?

What's your biggest fear in a relationship?

Do the pros of being with someone really outweigh the cons?

If you needed to clear your head, where would you go?

Are you in a relationship or have you ever been in one just for the gifts/money you got out of it?

Are you sometimes blinded by the physical aspect of your relationships?

Do your friends agree with a lot of your relationships?

And does your family support you?

Tell us a bit about yourself. What word best describes you?

What quality do you look for in a partner?

What's your idea of a fun night?

Where's your favorite place to go for date night?

How do you react if you and your partner get into an argument?

How quickly do you get over relationships?

On average, how long do your relationships last?

And why do they end?

Do you want to get married eventually?

And lastly, do you believe in true love?

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