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In the 1960s, a certain sleek ocean animal took the TV ratings by storm. It was "Flipper," a series about a bottlenose dolphin that finds danger and adventure all over the sea. How much do you remember about "Flipper"?

In "Flipper," who is the star of the show?

"Flipper" has been called the "Lassie" of the sea. It's all about the adventures of a bottlenose dolphin that helps people.


In the show, where do the episodes take place?

"Flipper" takes place in Florida, at a fictional park called the Coral Key Park and Marine Preserve.


Who is the owner of Flipper the dolphin?

Porter Ricks is the head of Coral Key Park and Marine Preserve. He's also Flipper's loving owner.


Porter Ricks is the man in charge of the preserve. He also has two ____.

Porter is the hard-working, conscientious chief of the preserve. And he's also a good father to two sons, Bud and Sandy.


What is special about the dolphin named Flipper?

Flipper isn't some dumb fish. He's a super-intelligent mammal who has a strong bond with his human family, and he'll do anything to keep them safe.


If you are hooked on the "Flipper" concept, where should you go to see dolphins?

The "Flipper" concept has legs -- the Miami Seaquarium is still putting on a Flipper-themed show, even after all of these years. So now you know where to get your dolphin fix.


In an episode called "City Boy," a reckless city kid talks Sandy into which dangerous activity?

He convinces Sandy to dive into an old shipwreck, but the boys become trapped --%0D oh no! Fortunately, Flipper is smarter than the humans and manages to save them.


Which member of the family is particularly close to Flipper?

Bud is the (sometimes brainless) younger brother who accidentally winds up in dangerous situations. But because he and Flipper have such a close relationship, the dolphin often saves the boy.


The TV show "Flipper" is based on which work of art?

In 1963 a movie called "Flipper" ignited a surge in dolphin-related stories, and then the film was adapted into a TV series.


True or false, in real life, was Flipper actually a female dolphin?

Male dolphins are often more aggressive than females, so it was the latter that typically played the role of Flipper.


Porter Ricks is portrayed as a single father. What happened to his wife?

Porter's wife died, leaving him as the sole parent of Bud and Sandy. He's portrayed as a better-than-average human being, one who always thinks before he acts.


Pete is another animal that has a recurring role in the show. What sort of creature is Pete?

Pete the Pelican makes numerous appearances in the show. But of course, he's no Flipper -- he's just a minor cast member.


What is Porter's son Bud like?

Bud is the little brother, and he's often getting into trouble, often because he doesn't think about the consequences of his actions. That means Flipper frequently has to save him.


Sandy is the older brother. What's he like?

Sandy is mostly responsible, trying to emulate his smart, wonderful father. But sometimes he's prone to boyish mistakes.


In "Deep Waters," what happens to Porter and Ulla?

Porter and Ulla go exploring in a small sub, which subsequently breaks down underwater. Flipper must save them before they run out of oxygen.


In the very first episode, a man is badly mauled by a shark. He needs a blood transfusion, but what happens to the blood?

The shark attack victim is dying, and the rescue team accidentally drops the blood overboard. But Flipper saves the day by retrieving the bag of blood from the ocean bottom.


In the second episode, Bud sees a car on the sea floor. What makes the situation even more ominous?

As if finding a car on the ocean bottom isn't strange enough, Bud becomes more concerned about another detail -- there are bullet holes in the windshield.


Hap Gorman makes numerous appearances. What sort of role does he fill?

Hap is the old guy who tells tall tales. Bud and Sandy are often transfixed by Hap's fanciful yarns.


In "Air Power," the Ricks family buys an air boat. But what happens to Flipper?

The family takes the boat into the shallow areas of the Everglades, and Flipper follows. But he's stranded, and he's faced with a life-threatening situation.


Ulla Norstrand is a beautiful blonde oceanographer. What role does she fill during the show?

Ulla is just an oceanographer. And in spite of the fact that she and Porter are both single, they never really start a relationship.


When Flipper needs help saving someone, how does he get the attention of potential rescuers?

Flipper uses a series of dolphin cues, like chattering and head nodding, to get the attention of adults who can help whoever is in danger.


In "Money to Blow," Flipper brings a bunch of money to Bud. But what problem arises?

Bud is ecstatic when Flipper brings him a pile of money. But all sorts of trouble ensues when the cash turns out to be counterfeit.


In "The White Dolphin," what rare thing does Flipper find?

In "The White Dolphin," Flipper finds a rare white dolphin ... but so does a poacher. Flipper must help the creature escape capture.


In "SOS Dolphin," a fish scientist has an accident. What happens?

A scientist is stung by a rare venomous fish and his life is in danger. Have no fear! Flipper leads Porter to the rescue.


In "Dolphin in Pursuit," the boys and their father go camping on an island. But who else is on the island?

The family is in need of some down time, but there's a convicted killer loose on the island. The Ricks must fight to stay alive ... with a little help from Flipper.


What danger lurks for Flipper in "Dolphin for Sale"?

In "Dolphin for Sale," a poacher wants to catch Flipper and put him in the circus. The boys and their father must save the day.


In "Flipper's Bank Account," what does Flipper find in the sea?

Flipper finds an old coin and gives it to Bud. The coin turns out to be incredibly rare, and it sparks a flood of treasure seekers in the park.


What happens to Flipper in "Flipper's Odyssey"?

Poachers capture Flipper and take him to a marine exhibit hundreds of miles from home. Somehow, Flipper must escape to freedom.


In "The Day of the Shark," the marine preserve is overrun with _____.

In this episode, sharks overrun the park. It's a dangerous time for Flipper, and a marine scientist is brought in to investigate the situation.


At the end of the series, Bud and Sandy were written out of the storyline. Why?

Bud and Sandy were growing boys, and they grew out of their parts. So they were written out of the show, which didn't last much longer, anyway.


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