Do You Remember These Iconic “I Love Lucy” Episodes? Let's Find Out!

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Lucy Ricardo and her zany antics have kept audiences laughing since "I Love Lucy" premiered in 1951. For six seasons, the housewife who dreamed of stardom got herself into one hilarious predicament after another. See how well you remember five of the most beloved episodes.

In "Lucy Does a TV Commercial," why does Lucy struggle to make the ad?

"Are you tired, run-down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular?" With its combination of vitamins, meat, vegetables, minerals and 23% alcohol, Vitameatavegamin claims to be the answer to all of these problems. Of course, it gets Lucy drunk during rehearsals.


What do Lucy and Ethel do at the candy factory in "Job Switching"?

After being demoted from the chocolate-dipping department, Lucy and Ethel are tasked with wrapping chocolates. As the conveyor belt speeds up, the ladies can't keep up. They resort to shoving chocolates down their uniforms, under their hats and in their mouths.


In "Lucy's Italian Movie," what does Lucy do to prepare for a film role?

When Lucy gets a bit part in an Italian movie called "Bitter Grapes," she takes the film's title too literally. Even though Ricky doesn't think she should, Lucy tries grape-stomping to prepare. Her decision costs her the role because she's unable to scrub off the head-to-toe grape stains.


How does Lucy escape the giant loaf of bread that pins her to the counter in "Pioneer Women"?

To prove their husbands wrong, Lucy and Ethel accept a bet to live without modern conveniences. The duo churns butter and bakes bread, but in typical Lucy fashion, something goes terribly wrong. She uses too much yeast and accidentally bakes an enormous loaf of bread.


In "Hollywood at Last," which celebrity sits by Lucy at a restaurant?

While visiting Los Angeles, Lucy goes to the Brown Derby restaurant, a celebrity hotspot. Naturally, Lucy can't stop herself from spying on William Holden when he's seated at the next table. Much to her embarrassment, he turns the tables on her and stares right back.


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