Do You Share More Than You Should?

Zoe Samuel

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While it's healthy not to be entirely a closed book, over-sharing can leave you exposed to all sorts of issues. Where's the line, and are you in danger of crossing it?

Do you Instagram your food?

If there are no pics... did it happen?

How often do you post on social media?

How many selfies do you take per week?

What percentage of your selfies get shared?

Do you understand why Facebook is worth so much money?

Do you discuss your health with anyone besides your family and doctor?

Do you solicit health advice online?

How much does your online persona match your real life?

Do you ever post anonymously so you can spill the beans?

How much do you gossip?

Can you keep a secret?

Do your colleagues know about your health issues?

Does your family know about your work issues?

Who knows how much you make?

Have you ever been disciplined at work for talking out of turn?

Do you think your reputation has suffered from your sharing?

Do you just love to share?

Who is your sharing role model?

Do you have a stiff upper lip?

Do you ever get sharers' remorse after hitting publish on a post?

Have you ever sent nudes to anyone you weren't in a long term, monogamous relationship with?

Do you believe a little mystery makes things more exciting?

When you see a magician do something amazing, do you just have to know how he did the trick?

Do you believe in karma?

Do you need constant validation?

Do you get anxious if you are out of touch for more than a day or two?

Do you compare your life to others' on social media?

Do you feel compelled to show off when you buy something new?

Do you ever tell other people's stories without their permission?

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