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Do you remember what you learned in high school? These years are a difficult and exciting time for many people. The teen years are when people often really begin to explore on their own terms, learning more than just what's in the books. However, in order to get through high school, students have to crack open a book at least once in a while.        

All students take math, English, science, foreign language, gym and often art courses. Then there are classic electives like music classes, home economics, wood shop, and more. It's so much to take in at once and it's not uncommon for students to fall behind or need a little extra help here or there.    

Some people were high school whiz kids and other people were late bloomers, but most kids find their way through high school eventually. Whether it's to move on to college, trade school or work, they move on. If you think you remember what you learned in high school and have always enjoyed taking quizzes to put your brain to the test, it's time to get educational. See what you really remember from your high school years with this HowStuffWorks quiz!  

"The Odyssey" is a _______ poem.

"The Odyssey" is an epic poem by Homer. It is the follow up to "The Iliad."


Africa is a:

Africa is a massive continent. It contains 54 countries, roughly 1/4 of the world's countries.


Photosynthesis is associated with:

Photosynthesis is the process through which green plants and certain other organisms eat. They use sunlight to synthesize foods from water and carbon dioxide.


Who wrote "The Great Gatsby"?

"The Great Gatsby" is a novel exploring the glamor and materialism of the Jazz Age. It is a classic commonly read in high schools across the US.


What is on the periodic table?

The periodic table of elements is something most kids learn about in high school chemistry class. It's an arrangement of all of the chemical elements. They are ordered by their atomic number, electron configuration and recurring chemical properties.


The freezing point of water is:

In the US, the system of measurement for temperatures is Fahrenheit. Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


When did World War I start?

World War I was a global conflict which began in 1914. It ended in 1918.


Where in the human body is the humerus?

The humerus is a long bone in the upper arm. It is between the elbow joint and shoulder.


Who painted the Mona Lisa?

Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. He was a famous Renaissance polymath.


Holden Caulfield is the main character of which book?

"The Catcher in the Rye" is a novel written by JD Salinger. It's read in many US high schools.


On which continent did the Black Death kill roughly half the population?

It is estimated that the Black Death killed 30-60% of Europe's entire population. This pandemic lasted from the 14th-18th century.


All living things on earth are made of?

All living things on earth have cells, from the smallest to the largest organisms. They are the building blocks of life.


How many branches are there of the US federal government?

There are 3 branches of the US federal government. These are the executive, legislative and judicial branches.


What is the chemical symbol for gold?

The symbol for "gold" on the periodic table is "Au." This comes from its latin name "Aurum."


Which of these shapes is not a quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is the general name for a shape with 4 sides. As triangles have 3 sides, they are not quadrilaterals.


What kind of color is blue?

Colors can be either warm or cool. Cool tones are generally blues, greens and purples.


Shakespeare wrote plays and:

Shakespeare is the most famous poet and playwright of the English language. He is known for his plays like "Macbeth" and "Hamlet" and his many sonnets.


Which of these is not a type of rock?

Ionic describes a type of column often found in the front of buildings of certain styles. The three main types of rocks found on earth are sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.


On which continent does the book "Heart of Darkness" take place?

"Heart of Darkness" is a controversial book written by Joseph Conrad. Its setting is the African continent.


What was the nickname of President Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the US. He was known as Old Hickory because of his rough and tough demeanor and reputation.


What kind of animal are sharks?

Sharks are a type of fish. They are considered a sister species of rays.


y=mx+b is the equation for what?

This is the equation of any straight line on a graph. It is commonly used to find the slope of a line, which is represented by "m."


Translate the phrase: "Hola, me llamo ..."

This is one way to introduce yourself in Spanish. You can also say "Hola, mi nombre es ..."


Which of these is not a pronoun?

All of these words can be used to replace nouns in sentences, which is how pronouns function. Examples include she is tall, they have the book, and hello there.


In which order did these wars occur?

The US has been at war for over 90% of its over 200-year history. World War II lasted from 1939-1945, The Vietnam War lasted from 1955-1975. The Gulf War lasted from 1990-1991. The Iraq war was from 2003-2011.


Which gender is the french noun "le chat"?

Le chat is a masculine noun. In French, the article "le" is masculine.


The two types of chemical bonds are ionic and:

In chemistry, the two extreme cases of chemical bonds of ionic and covalent. Ionic bonds are between negative and positive ions. Covalent bonds involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms.


Which of these is not a choir vocal part?

A piccolo is a half-size flute. In most choirs there are sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones and bass singers.


Which Spanish accent mark is used on the word "jalapeño"?

The "ñ" accent in Spanish is called a tilde. It is why "jalapeño" is pronounced "hala-penyo."


Who wrote "The Grapes of Wrath"?

"Grapes of Wrath" is a novel written by John Steinbeck. This realist novel was 1939.


Who is known for signing the Declaration of Independence in a big way?

John Hancock is known for signing the Declaration of Independence in large letters so that the English King could read it without his spectacles. This is why John Hancock has become slang for the word "signature."


Helium, Xenon, and Neon are examples of:

The noble gases are a group of gases with very low chemical reactivity. These include helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon.


The sculpture David is an example of which kind of art?

David was sculpted by the Renaissance artist Michelangelo. It was created between 1501-1504.


Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and:

Congress is comprised of 535 members. There are 100 US senators and 435 people in the House of Representatives.


While _________ and ___________ were considered separate continents in the past, they are now considered by many experts to be one continent.

Europe and Asia used to be considered two separate continents due to Ancient Greek traditions. However, they are on the same tectonic plate and are one landmass with no water between them, which has caused many modern experts to consider them one continent.


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