Do Your Clothes Actually Flatter Your Body Type?

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Before you can even choose clothes that flatter your body, you need to know what body type you are. Are you an apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle? Each body type presents great clothing opportunities and potential fashion failures. To steer you in the right direction, you need to know your assets. Are they your long legs, small waist, ample breasts or all of the above? The idea behind choosing the right look for you lies in amplifying the best features and minimizing the others. 

Clothes are amazing. With color, texture, hemlines and accessories you can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. For instance, a rectangular body needs a few curves, so even a thin belt accenting the waistline will totally up your game. For pear-shaped gals, your tiny upper body is a prize, and you can dress it up with layers and textures to balance your proportions better. The apple-shaped woman needs to know how to minimize her stomach while maximizing her breasts and legs;, a low cut shirt that ends at the hip and a short skirt combination does the job in a flash. For those fortunate hourglass beauties, the tailored look offers flawless fashion. Now is the time to get ahead of the couture curve. Take this quiz now. 

How would you describe your figure?

Does your body tend to look straight without a defined waistline?

When you look in the mirror, do you see large hips and a tiny bust?

Have you noticed you have slimmer arms and legs, but when it comes to your bust, it's larger than the hip section?

If someone told you to wear a tube dress, what would you think?

How do you feel about tight skirts?

Tops that fall lower than the hip bone can hide a pouchy stomach, is that a good look for you?

What would you look like in a tight flowered wrap-around top and matching skirt?

How would your friends describe your figure?

You are going to buy a belt, what do you look for?

Would you consider wearing a push-up bra?

Shoes can draw attention to your legs, what type of heels do you normally wear?

When it comes to jewelry, what looks best on you?

It's time to buy a suit jacket, what do you think looks good on you?

Layers! Do you like wearing them?

Tight-fitting pants. A pleasure or a pain?

Would you consider wearing A-line dresses and skirts?

If you have a big chest, how can you minimize the look?

What's your favorite store to go clothes shopping?

Scarves can make or break a look, how do you wear yours?

Undergarments are the foundation of a gorgeous look, what are yours like?

Dark colors on top or bottom?

Where do you prefer your skirts to end?

Are pleated skirts a yes-yes or no-no?

Have you noticed what types of pants look good on you?

What style of shoes look good on you?

Frills on your clothes, love it or leave it?

Do you look better in stiff fabrics or fluid fabrics?

The hem on a shirt tail top looks best when it is what?

How do you like to accentuate your figure the most?

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