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"Doctor Who" has been exciting sci-fi fans for more than half a century, with a recent reboot drawing in a whole new generation of fans. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the Doctor and his journeys!

What year did "Doctor Who" premiere on the BBC?

The classic sci-fi series first hit the airwaves on Nov. 23, 1963. It ran for 26 years before it was cancelled in 1989.

What year was "Doctor Who: The Movie" released?

The movie — a failed attempt to revive the series — was released in 1996. It took another decade until the show was renewed in 2005.

Who played the Seventh Doctor in the series?

Sylvester McCoy played Doctor No. 7. After he died on the operating table, Paul McGann stepped in to play Doctor No. 8.

What is a TARDIS?

TARDIS — time and relative dimension in space — is a time machine that the Doctor uses to travel through space and time.

What does TARDIS look like from the outside?

The TARDIS uses a chameleon circuit to blend in. Unfortunately, the Doctor's circuit is broken, so his TARDIS always takes the form of a 1960s police call box.

What is the name of the Doctor's home planet?

The Doctor is a Time Lord who hails from Gallifrey, though he eventually adopts Earth as his new home.

What is the Doctor's most important tool?

The Doctor's sonic screwdriver serves as a magic wand of sorts: It unlocks doors and is useful in all kinds of situations — except woodworking, that is.

Which Doctor enemy calls the planet Skaro home?

The Doctor first encounters the Skaro-born Daleks — mutated aliens in robot shells — way back in the show's first season.

Which Doctor villain was actually a childhood friend of the Doctor?

The Master is a Time Lord who uses a TARDIS to wreak havoc through space and time.

Which "Doctor Who" villains hail from Mondas?

The Mondasians replaced their ailing bodies with steel to transform themselves into the spooky Cybermen.

Which Doctor starred in the episode "Blink," which fans voted the best "Doctor Who" story of all time in a 50th anniversary poll?

"Blink," which aired in November 2013, starred the 10th Doctor.

Which Doctor squared off with Adolf Hitler?

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith squared off with the Nazi leader in the 2011 episode "Let's Kill Hitler."

What legendary Wild West hero did the first Doctor encounter in the episode "The Gunfighters"?

The first Doctor traveled back to the days of Wyatt Earp in this 1965 episode.

Which actor played the very first Doctor?

Veteran British actor William Hartnell played Doctor No. 1 from 1963 to 1966.

True or false: The Doctor is able to regenerate himself when he dies.

The Doctor's convenient ability to regenerate into a different form when faced with death means that "Doctor Who" producers are able to continue the story with ease when the actor playing the Doctor has to part ways.

Which writer was the focus of the episode "The Unicorn and the Wasp"?

This classic episode explores what happened when author Agatha Christie mysteriously disappeared for 11 days back in 1927.

What painting is the focus of the episode "City of Death"?

In "City of Death," the Doctor must stop villains who have created fake copies of "Mona Lisa."

Which reptilian villains escaped Earth in an ark?

The war-like Silurians were the dominant life form on Earth before humans and were forced to flee Earth in an ark.

Who is the leader of the Daleks?

Davros, who relies on a complex mobile life-support system for survival, leads the evil Daleks.

Which Doctor comes face to face with the evil Kandyman?

Doctor No. 7 must contend with the Kandyman — an executioner who takes delight in killing his victims with sweets.

What is the Daleks' favorite word?

The Daleks first appeared in the episode "The Fourth Dimension," but their famous catchphrase "Exterminate!" came a little later.

Which Doctor starred in the 2005 reboot of the series?

Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston returned from the 1996 film to star in the series reboot in 2005.

What is the name of the young girl in "An Unearthly Child"?

In this premiere "Doctor Who" episode, two teachers investigate why their student, Susan, is so quiet and unusual.

What villains star in the episode "Blink"?

The fan favorite "Blink" features the Weeping Angels — evil assassins that turn to stone when spotted.

What is The Silence?

The Silence is a spooky religious order that believes the world will end when the oldest question in the universe if uttered aloud.

Which Doctor sacrifices himself to save his friend Peri?

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, who played the role from 1981 to 1984, gives Peri the last dose of a potent antidote. In doing so, he sacrifices himself to death — or regeneration into Doctor No. 6.

What year did the time-traveling Doctor finally meet one of his predecessors?

Doctor No. 3 meets his two predecessors while traveling through time in a 1972 episode of the show.

Which Doctor has a run-in with President Nixon?

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith meets Tricky Dick in a pair of 2011 episodes.

Who did fans vote as their favorite Doctor companion in a 50th anniversary "Doctor Who" poll?

Fans chose Sarah Jane Smith, who starred on the show for four years starting in 1973, as their favorite Doctor companion of all time.

What was the nickname for companion Dorothy Gale McShane?

McShane, better known as Ace, first appeared in season 24's "Dragonfire" episode.

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