Does My Dog Know I Love Them?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Let's do things a little differently during this quiz! It would be easy to ask you about your relationship with your dog. We're not sure if that would give us a true measure of your dog's love-o-meter, though. Instead, we've asked your dog to relay some questions they would like answered through us. Once you're done 'fessing up to your pooch, we'll let you know if they feel loved or not! 

There comes a time in every relationship where the other person wants to know a few things. The relationship with your dog is no different! Dogs can bark, but they can't use words as well as you do. We've been given a rare opportunity to hear their side, and we want to see how you respond to the questions they've given us. You know you can't lie to your dog, so be as honest as you can. 

When you've answered all the questions your dog gave us to ask, we'll tally them up and measure them against your dog's needs. Will they feel as loved as your dog makes you feel, or will you have some changing to do? Explain your life together to your pooch, and we'll let you know what they're thinking! 

It's time to sleep. What's the last thing you say to me?

I lick myself! Why are you giving me a bath?

My birthday is next weekend. Have you planned my party yet?

You've finished eating, but you have a few scraps. Will you let me have them?

There's scary thunder outside. What are you going to do to comfort me?

Eww ... it's raining and I do not want to go potty. Do I really have to go?

The chihuahua at the dog park keeps bullying me. What are you going to do about it?

I'm sorry I ate your cough drops, but I had a cough. Are you mad at me?

The neighbor's cat has been taunting me again, and I want to chase it. How do you stop me?

You do realize that when you are hugging that human, you are neglecting me, right?

Why do you keep telling me to roll over? It's not my favorite trick.

Nope. I'm not going to the vet. How will you convince me to go?

I get bored when you are at work. How do you think I fill my time?

Can I please go to doggie daycare? Pretty please?

If I didn't approve of a new friend, would you listen to me?

I've always wondered. How did you choose my name?

You know I don't like that kind of food. Are you going to make me eat it?

You promised me a brother or sister. When is that going to happen?

The small humans are smelly and gooey. Can you tell them to stop touching me?

I'm glad you brought me to work today, but this is boring! How will I ever stay entertained?

I'm sorry about the shredded toilet paper. It tried to attack me. How are you going to protect me from it in the future?

I have to know. Do you really miss me when you're out?

Why are you cutting my toenails? That's just wrong!

I love to bark when people knock on the door. Why do you tell me to stop?

I really like sticking my head out the car window. Why didn't you let me do it last time?

What's the problem? I was having fun being friends with that guy's leg before you stopped me.

You snore when you sleep. Why do you keep poking me?

I'm having one of those dreams that make my feet move. What do you think I'm dreaming about?

You're the one that brought home the squeaky toy. Have you seen it?

I would like to have a doggy door. When are we getting one?

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