Does Your Crush Like You Back?

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Ah yes, the age-old question: Does my crush like me back? From picking petals off a flower to scribbling furiously in our diaries, we've asked ourselves this question time and time again whenever we've set our hearts on a new crush. Like, for real, why isn't there an app for this yet?! All we want is a Magic 8 Ball with artificial intelligence capabilities. Is that seriously so much to ask? Alexa, is my crush into me or what? 

But, alas, scientists are busy working on curing cancer and sending humans to Mars. For the time being, they've put this vital technology on the backburner, so it's up to you to figure out if your crush likes you back. Good luck with that...OMG, just kidding! You didn't really think we'd do you like that? We wouldn't dream of it. 

Because we understand how critical it is to know where your crush's head is at, we got science-y AF and put together this dummy accurate quiz to figure out if your crush likes you back. Life is too short to waste your time on someone who might ghost you. Instead of investing time and energy only to take an L in the end, answer these questions to figure out whether your crush is worth pursuing.

Some of the best romances are based in friendship. Which of the following best describes your fam level with your crush?

If your crush were to up and ghost you, how would you react?

Be honest, bruh. Does your crush know your last name?

This is big important. Does your crush ever flirt with you?

Imagine a troll said something rude AF about you on social media. How do you think your crush would react?

When you and your crush disagree about something, how do they generally react?

On a scale from one to four, how thirsty are you for your crush?

We high key have to ask this one. Is your crush already in a relationship?

We know this is a big middle school mood, but does your crush ever tease you?

Winning over their squad is vital. How do your crush's friends act when you're around?

If you and your crush are out in a group, how do they usually act?

Let's not throw too much shade, but how do you compare to your crush's ex?

When you and your crush make eye contact, what's the vibe?

Go check the receipts. How frequently do you and your crush talk?

If you and your crush are at the same party, how do they say goodbye before they dip?

When you and your crush are chatting, which of the following are they most likely to say to you?

Okay, you budding comedian you. Have you ever made your crush laugh?

Opposites attract, but it's important to share similarities too. How much would you say you and your crush have in common?

You know you totally slay, but does your crush ever compliment you?

Let's get to the good stuff. Has your crush ever initiated physical contact with you?

Your crush invites you to hang out. How do they ask if you're free?

Imagine your crush goes away for the weekend. Which of the following is most likely to be true?

The truth is in the gram. Has your crush ever double tapped one of your Instagram posts?

Tfw you have a super deep conversation with your crush. Have you two talked about love?

When you picture your future, can you imagine your crush in it?

Now, let's break down your actual interactions. Has your crush ever invited you to hang out?

Social media can tell us a lot. Has your crush ever slid into your DMs?

Spill the tea, please. Have you ever caught your crush staring at you?

Give us some background information. How do you know your crush?

This quiz aside, do you low key get the vibe from your crush that they're into you?

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