Does Your Personality Belong More in the North or the South?

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Sure, maybe the battle between the North and the South reached its peak during the Civil War, but there are still way too many differences to count between these two regions of our country.  Of course, the North is a bit more varied. You're going to find a lot of cultural differences between a cop walking the beat in New York City and a lobsterman working out of Deer Isle Maine, but there is no doubt they are going to be a lot more similar to each other than they would to anyone from the South.

Do you say that things are "wicked cool" or do you say "Y'all'?" Do you pride yourself on your hospitality or do you wonder why people won't get the heck out of your way? When you see a snake, do you get a little creeped out, or do you run for your life screaming? Are you more likely to be found at a Dunkin' Donuts in the morning or would you be at a Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits? Do you root for the Red Sox or the Braves? If you have a pickup truck, is it because you're going muddin' or because you need to plow your driveway? Take this quiz to find out whether your personality belongs more in the North or the South. 

Are you into good home cooking?

What is for dinner?

What city sounds fun to hang out in?

What island would you like to visit?

How much is a lot of snow to you?

How often do you say "Y'all"?

Can something be "wicked good?"

Are you afraid of snakes?

Do people ever call you rude?

Where might you go for Chicken?

How often do you go hiking?

What is your favorite baseball team?

Do you like clam chowder?

Are you into Stephen King?

Have you spent time in Portland, Maine?

What is a warm temperature in January?

Are you a Tom Brady fan?

How often do you wear black?

Are you into country music?

How often have you taken the subway?

Have you ever been in a fight with a cab driver?

Do you like sweet tea?

Are the four seasons important to you?

What kind of accent do you have?

What sounds best?

Have you ever grown azaleas?

When was the last time you were in the back of a pickup truck?

Do you watch SEC Football?

What do you do when you see a funeral procession?

How many airbrushed T-shirts do you own?

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