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The World Canine Organization is one of the largest international federations of kennel clubs in the world and it recognizes just over 330 breeds of dogs as official. They are divided into 10 categories based on how they looked or their intended uses.

These categories include terriers like the Bedlington and the Border terriers, pointers and setters like the German shorthaired pointer, retriever like the Golden and the Labrador retrievers, dachshunds, sheepdogs and cattle dogs like the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, companions and toy dogs like Poodles and Bichons, as well as sighthounds like the Afghan hound, Saluki and Greyhound, just to name a few. 

Today, many people own dogs based on their intended uses but even more, own them for companionship. Whichever it may be, the dog population is increasing, with many people determined on keeping the breeds pure. 

How well do you know the different dog breeds of the world? If you were given images of some of these dogs, both popular and rare, would you be able to correctly identify them? Well, if you think you're an expert, then take this quiz to find out if you really are!

The Labrador Retriever, simply referred to as the Labrador, is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the word. These high spirited and friendly dogs are often used in law enforcement, and they are also trained as therapy dogs as well as for disability assistance.

The Caucasian Shepherd is a breed of dog which was bred to protect livestock and property from predators and thieves. They are quite intelligent, and they have been known to be disobedient and at times aggressive to people they​ do not know.

The Siberian Husky is a breed of spitz dog which is easily recognizable for its thick fur coat, unique facial markings, and triangular-shaped ears. Initially kept as sled dogs, they are able to withstand temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius.

As its name indicates, the German Shepherd is a large dog which originated in Germany. Originally used to herd sheep, this breed is often used in search-and-rescue operations, disability assistance as well as police and military roles.

The Saluki, also known as the Persian Greyhound, is an Iranian breed of dogs which were used by different tribes for hunting purposes. These deep-chested, long-legged sighthounds range in size from 2 to 2.5 feet tall and 40 to 60 pounds.

The Dachshund, also called the weiner, or sausage dog, is a short-legged, long-bodied dog which is of German descent. The popular dog breed was initially developed to chase and get rid of badgers as well as other burrowing animals.

The Puli is a small-to-medium Hungarian breed of dog which is known for its characteristic long corded coat. These dogs are intelligent, patient and obedient and require much activity because of how energetic they are.

The Golden Retriever is a large breed of dog which was so named because of its coat color and because it was often used to retrieve game fowl during hunting parties. Because of their friendly temperament, they are very popular with homeowners.

The Bergamasco Shepherd is a breed of dogs that originated from Bergamo near the Italian Alps where they were kept as herding dogs. Their fur consists of three different textures which form flocks – loose mats.

The Great Dane is a German dog breed known for its large size, the tallest recorded being 3.5 feet. Initially kept as hunting dogs, today people keep them as pets as well as guard dogs.

The French Bulldog is a small breed of dog which is the result of crossing a bulldog and local ratter found in Paris in the 1800s. It is one of the most popular dog breeds amongst pet owners because of its playful disposition.

The Azawakh is a breed of dogs which originated in West Africa where they were used to guard livestock. They have slender bodies and very short hair through which their bones and musculature can be seen.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgie is a cattle herding dog which originated in Pembroke, Wales. They are quite famous because they are the favorite dog breed of Queen Elizabeth II of England, who has owned more than 30 in her lifetime.

The Beagle is a small breed of hound dogs which were developed for hunting hare and are now used as detection dogs because of their superior sense of smell. These dogs are prevalent in popular culture, one of which is Snoopy, the Peanuts comic strip character.

The American Foxhound is a breed of dogs which originated in the United States and is the cousin of the English Foxhound. These scent hounds differ from their cousins because they are slightly taller and have a more musical bark.

The Doberman Pinscher, simply called the Doberman, is a medium-to-large breed of dog developed by Karl Dobermann in Germany. These dogs are typically kept as guard dogs but are also great companions.

The Poodle is the general name used to describe several breeds (standard, miniature and toy) of dogs. Behind the Border Collie, the poodle is the second most intelligent dog breed, and they are quite popular in conformation shows.

The Brussels Griffon is a name referred to three different breeds of toy dogs which were named after the city Brussels, Belgium, where they were first seen. They usually grow to a height of 11 inches tall, and 10 pounds in weight and they have been likened to an Ewok.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a small breed of dogs which originated in Germany during the 19th century. Their temperament has been described as spunky, aloof and they are also known to make great guard dogs.

The Canaan dog is an old breed and rare breed of dogs which originated in Israel where they are the national dog. They have been described as intelligent, confident and are also known to be territorial dogs.

The Bedlington terrier is a small breed of dog which was named after the town of Bedlington, England, where they were found. These dogs are often mistaken for a breed of lamb because of the rounded shape of their heads and their shaggy coat.

The Rottweiler is a breed of dog which was referred to as the “Rottweiler Metzgerhund” (which means Rottweil butcher dog) because they were mainly used to herd different types of livestock and pull carts of meat.

The Shih Tzu, also called the Chrysanthemum Dog, is a toy dog which originated in China. These affectionate dogs grow to a height of 10 inches, a maximum weight of 16 pounds, and they have long fur which often trails on the floor behind them.

The Finnish Spitz is a rare breed of dog which originated in Finland where it was bred to hunt everything from rodents to bears. These barker pointers are born in different colors but it usually changes to the characteristic reddish-brown color.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed of terrier-type dogs which are typically kept as companion dogs. They originated from Yorkshire, England. Despite their dainty appearance, they can be very feisty and overprotective.

The Russkiy Toy, also called the Russian Toy, is a small breed of dog which originated from the English Toy Terrier. The breed, which comes in two coat breeds, smooth and long, was nearly wiped out twice, making it extremely rare.

The Thai Ridgeback, also known as the Mah Thai Lagn Ahn, is an ancient breed of dogs which originated in Thailand. It is a muscular, medium-size dog with triangular shaped ears and a smooth short coat.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed of sporting dogs which are one of several varieties of spaniel dogs. They can be seen in a variety of colors and differ from the other spaniels because of their longer and lower set ears as well as their larger size.

The Border Collie is a breed of dog which was specifically developed in the United Kingdom for herding livestock. They are very intelligent, energetic, athletic and obedient dogs and are great pets to people who have small children.

The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is a breed of Dog which originated in, and was named after, the Catahoula Parish in Louisiana, United States. They were used as hunting and herding dogs, but are now kept as companion dogs.

The Otterhound is an old breed of rare hound dogs which originated in the United Kingdom. They have an extremely sensitive nose, one of the things which make them great hunters. In 2012, it was said that there are fewer than 1,000 of these animals left.

The English Pointer is a medium-to-large breed of dog and is one of many pointing breeds. These aristocratic sporting dogs are usually white with black, lemon or liver-colored markings.

The Shetland Sheepdog, also called the Sheltie, is a breed of herding dogs which originated from the Shetland Islands in Scotland. They are very intelligent and hard-working, and are often referred to as shadows because of how loyal they are.

The New Guinea Singing Dog is a rare breed of dog which originated in the New Guinea Highlands. It is known for is unique melodious howl which can be heard either alone or in a group, which is called a chorus.

The Boxer, sometimes called the German Boxer, is a medium-size breed of dog which originated in Germany. They are known for being intelligent and affectionate dogs who often have a playful disposition.

The Mudi is a breed of dog which originated in Hungary and is closely related to the Pumi and Puli dogs which also came from that country. They were originally bred for herding animals but are now used as work, sport and companion dogs.

The Boston Terrier, sometimes called the Boston Bull or the Boxwood, is a breed of dog which originated in the United States. They are highly intelligent, easy to train and friendly but can also be stubborn from time to time.

The Afghan Hound, also called the Kuchi hound, is a breed of hound dogs which originated in the cold mountains of Afghanistan where they were used to hunt or as guardians. This particular breed of dog is known for its thick and silky coat with its ring-curled tail.

The Alaskan Malamute is a large breed of spitz dog which originated in Alaska, United States. Originally bred to haul heavy weight, they were also used as sled dogs and now as companion and hunting dogs.

The Pomeranian is a small breed of Spitz dogs which were named after the Pomerania region near Poland and Germany where they were found. They are very popular among small families and were a favorite among royal families, specifically Queen Victoria’s.

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