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How much do dogs understand? Do they have vocabulary comprehension and retention? Can they say "Woof!" and mean it? Take this quiz and learn more about whether dogs understand words.

According to psychologist Stanley Coren, how many words does a trained dog know?

He believes that trained dogs know about 160 words. That's more than the average three-year-old kid!


When did researchers successfully train chimpanzees to use sign language?

They did this in the 1970s when they trained chimps to use and read sign language.


Which animal can be trained to speak human words?

The parrot, of course! Polly want a cracker?


In a certain study, Rico, a border collie, displayed his knowledge of 200 words. How did researchers test whether he could expand his vocabulary?

They introduced new items with their corresponding names and had Rico fetch the items. Rico caught on 70 percent of the time.


Remembering words after exposure to them for one time only is called:

It's called fast-mapping and it applies to humans as well. Children do this often in their language acquisition.


In the 1900s, a horse named Clever Hans appeared to be able to do math. Upon investigation, what did they discover about Clever Hans?

The horse, it seems, was just responding to subtle, unconscious cues from people. He couldn't do math at all!


How does language acquisition begin?

The learner, whether human or animal, associates sounds with items or concepts. "Bottle" is a sound the baby hears, which he associates with the drink he loves. Similarly, "No!" is a sound he hears, which he associates with something forbidden.


Which things do dogs understand, abstract or concrete concepts?

Dogs only understand concrete concepts, such as toy, food, bowl. They don't understand abstract concepts, like love, hate, happy.


Some linguists say that dogs do not understand language because:

They say that language acquisition is defined by an understanding of syntax and therefore dogs do not understand language.


Does body language play a part in a dog's ability to understand language?

Many researchers believe that it is possible that, rather than understanding words per se, the dog is actually reading body language for cues to behavior.


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