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Just bought something from Family Dollar and switched it to a Dean and DeLuca shopping bag? You wouldn't be the only one who is embarrassed by economy shopping escapades in dollar stores, which don't have the same snob appeal as more expensive stores. Take this quiz to see whether that reputation is justified.

Why do dollar stores have such a low reputation in the U.S.?

Dollar stores usually sell off-brand products that are not popularly advertised. Because of this, there is not brand loyalty and so their products are considered to be less desirable.


When do dollar stores experience the most success?

Dollar stores experience the most success during economic hard times, when people's need to cut back on their spending overrides their need for status or to be brand loyal.


In 2008, by how much did the Family Dollar chain rise in value?

During the economic downturn of 2008, the dollar store chain rose 42 percent, beating huge names like Apple and FedEx.


Where do dollar stores get a lot of their merchandise?

During economic downturns, dollar stores often get a lot of quality merchandise at discounted prices from large stores that have had to liquidate.


How do dollar stores keep costs low?

Dollar stores keep costs low by using cost cutting measures like selling items in small packages and spreading deliveries throughout the week.


Why do you need to be wary of some products sold in dollar stores?

Sometimes dollar stores sell products imported from China, which have an inferior safety standard, such as children's bags and pencil cases containing lead, and batteries that leak acid. Beware!


Why is shopping in a dollar store often a hit-or-miss experience?

Often dollar stores have products, like electronics, that were purchased from a liquidating big retailer. Once these products are sold, they won't be continually replaced, so items like this are hit-or-miss.


What is another way that dollar stores make money?

Some dollar stores have products for one dollar, as well as products found in regular stores, which they sell for near traditional prices.


What happens to the stigma of shopping in a dollar store during economic downturns?

During economic downturns, thrifty shopping becomes vogue and the stigma associated with shopping in dollar stores decreases.


In 2008, what did a New York Times food critic say about shopping in dollar stores?

In November 2008, a New York Times food critic wrote an article about spending a week making gourmet meals from products he found in dollar stores.


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