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So you think you're an expert on cats because you've had Sylvester for 10 years. Well, you might be amazed at how much there really is to know. Do all cats purr? What dialect is "meow"? Do they really have nine lives? Take this quiz and learn more.

How many cats are kept as pets in the United States?

Americans own approximately 67 million pet cats.


What is the name of the wild ancestor of the domestic cat?

It is known as the African wild cat (or Felis Libica in Latin), a species that is active at night and rarely seen.


In the process of domestication, many animals have changed anatomically or behaviorally from their wild ancestors. Is this also the case with cats?

No, this is not the case at all. Domesticated cats have least changed from their wild ancestors than other domesticated animals.


What enables cats to silently stalk their prey?

It is their padded feet and flexible muscles that enables them to stalk silently.


While sleeping, how often do cats purr?

They might purr for all sorts of reasons and occasions, but the only time they never purr is during sleep (day or night).


Why are cats that fall from higher stories likely to suffer less injury than those that fall from lower ones?

Cats use their bodies (and specifically, their legs) to make a parachute effect upon falling. This is optimized at the maximum rate of descent (about four stories).


In 1987, it was discovered that giving cats taurine supplements _____ the disease of dilated cardiomyopathy.

Taurine supplements not only were discovered to reverse the effects of dilated cardiomyopathy, but were seen to allow the cats a complete recovery from the disease.


How is feline AIDS transmitted?

Feline AIDS, first diagnosed in 1988, is transmitted from one cat to another by means of a bite that pierces the skin.


According to animal behaviorists, which animal's intelligence and learning ability is greater -- a cat's or a dog's?

They believe that the intelligence and learning ability of cats is equivalent to that of dogs; no more and no less.


Researchers have discovered that cats can learn complex tasks, especially if the reward is:

If the reward is food, all the more likely that the cat will perform complex tasks.


When a cat licks its fur to clean itself, an ingredient in its saliva conditions the fur. What is this ingredient?

The mystery ingredient is a protein and it is this that is apparently what cat-sensitive people are allergic to.


How do cats that live in the wild mark out their territory?

They usually scratch their claws on particular trees, which leaves a distinct odor in that territory.


How can one stop a domestic cat from scratching a piece of furniture?

Try putting a special scratching post there in the same area and covering the already scratched-up furniture with upholstery.


Why does a cat sometimes spray urine when you introduce another pet cat into your home?

A cat will sometimes feel not so welcoming to another pet cat. In response it will spray urine, because it feels anxious or threatened.


One treatment for urine spraying is the drug diazepam. What is another name for this?

It is commonly known as Valium and it is a tranquilizer also used for humans.


One German animal behaviorist discovered that it took about _____ attempts before a cat caught one mouse.

It usually took about three attempts, with the odds generally favoring the prey.


Why do cats often play with mice before killing them?

The reason for this is not known, although a number of theories abound.


In order to hunt prey successfully, what do cats need to have?

It seems that the factor that outweighs the others is experience with that type of prey. Offer a cat an unfamiliar form of prey and the cat might not succeed.


In a study of 77 pet cats in Bedfordshire, the cats claimed 1,100 prey over the course of a year. What proportion of these were birds?

About one third were birds and the other two thirds were small mammals.


Why do ecologists claim that the Bedfordshire study was only half the story?

Apparently, house cats don't always bring their victims home. In fact, they only bring about half of them.


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