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Good grief, it's Christmas! After more than half a century, this special starring the Peanuts gang remains one of the most loved shows of the season. After all, who needs a great big shiny aluminum tree when all you need is a little love? See how well you remember what "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is all about!

How much does Lucy charge for doling out psychological advice?

Lucy charges patrons of her psychology booth just five cents, allowing her to enjoy the sweet jingling sound of "nickels, nickels nickels."


What does Lucy advise Charlie Brown to do to beat the blues?

Lucy tells Charlie Brown to direct a Christmas play to overcome his holiday melancholy.


What does Lucy want for Christmas?

Forget bikes and toys -- what Lucy wants most for Christmas is real estate.


What is someone afraid of if they suffer from pantophobia?

Amateur psychologist Lucy diagnoses Charlie Brown with pantophobia -- a fear of everything.


What is the name of Charlie Brown's little sister?

Sally sends Charlie Brown even deeper into depression when she requests cold hard cash, in the form of 10s and 2s, for Christmas.


Who accompanies Charlie Brown to buy a tree?

Despite strict instructions to pick out an aluminum tree, Linus and Charlie Brown select the saddest Christmas tree on the lot.


What gospel does Linus quote when describing the meaning of Christmas?

Linus recites the Annunciation to the shepherds from the Gospel of Luke to describe the true origins of the holiday.


What is the gang doing as the show opens?

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" opens with the Peanuts gang ice skating on a pond to the tune of "Christmas Time is Here."


Who wins a holiday decorating contest on the show?

Even Snoopy gets in on the holiday spirit, winning first prize in a contest for decorating his doghouse.


How does Charlie Brown "kill" his tree?

Charlie Brown's tree is so feeble that a single ornament sends it toppling towards the ground, causing Brown to lament, "I've killed it!"


What classic carol plays at the end of the show?

The show closes with the gang singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" as they gather around the tree, which has rallied thanks to a little TLC.


What does Lucy refuse to eat?

Lucy derides the others for eating December snow, as she always waits until January to indulge.


Who claimed that she didn't send Charlie Brown a Christmas card?

After Charlie Brown sarcastically thanks her for the card, Violet declares that she didn't send him a card.


Which of these is Schroeder's constant companion?

Schroeder is the most musical member of the Peanuts gang and is rarely seen without his piano.


What does it take to make a musician great, according to Lucy?

Lucy points out that Beethoven wasn't all that great because he never got his picture on a bubblegum card.


Who plays the innkeeper's wife in the holiday play?

Frieda takes on the role of innkeeper's wife, which allows her to show off her naturally curly hair.


Which character is rarely seen without his blanket?

Linus Van Pelt always carries his trusty blanket and even incorporates it into his costume to play a shepherd in the play.


What is Snoopy's role in the play?

Snoopy is assigned to play all the animals in the play, from sheep to goats.


Who is assigned the role of innkeeper?

Despite his messy appearance, Pig-Pen promises to keep a neat inn in his role as the innkeeper.


What year did "A Charlie Brown Christmas" debut?

The holiday favorite hit the airways for the first time on December 9, 1965, a decade after the Peanuts comic strip debuted.


What company sponsored the show?

In a time when television networks had grown weary of holiday specials, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was produced only after Coca-Cola shelled out $76,000 to cover the cost of the show.


How many people watched the debut of "A Charlie Brown Christmas?"

Half of all households watching television, around 15 million people, tuned in to watch the show on December 9, 1965.


Which of these items did the show make obsolete?

Aluminum Christmas trees were all the rage in 1965, but thanks partly to "A Charlie Brown Christmas," these trees were off the market by 1969.


How long did it take producers to make "A Charlie Brown Christmas?"

Producers spent just a day outlining the story and only six months putting the entire show together.


Which of these characters was portrayed by a professional actor?

Producers chose real kids, not actors, to play the characters on the show -- with the exception of Linus, Lucy and Charlie Brown, who were portrayed by skilled actors.


Which jazz group composed the music for the show?

Despite the fact that Charles Schulz hated jazz, the Vince Guaraldi Trio was chosen to compose the soundtrack for "A Charlie Brown Christmas."


What is the song known as "The Peanuts Theme" actually called?

The catchy jingle often referred to as "The Peanuts Song" or "The Charlie Brown Song" is actually titled "Linus and Lucy."


Which of these awards did the show pick up in 1966?

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" won the 1966 Emmy for "Outstanding Children's Program."


Everything Snoopy said in the show was just gibberish.

Animator Bill Melendez provided the voice of Snoopy, but all of his lines were just gibberish that producers sped up.


How many Charlie Brown Christmas specials have been made as of 2016?

While the original is by far the most popular, fans of the special may wish to check out the other three Charlie Brown holiday specials, which were released in 1992, 2002 and 2003.


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