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Take one wacky sheepherder, throw him in a big-city apartment with a straight-laced cousin he's never met before, and you've got "Perfect Strangers," the show that introduced the world to the lovable goof, Balki Bartokomous. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this classic '80s sitcom.

Where is Balki from?

Balki Bartokomous was a simple sheepherder from the island of Mypos until he came to live with his cousin Larry in the United States -- without asking Larry first.


Where is the show set?

Larry Appleton is thrilled to finally escape his large family and move into his own Chicago apartment, as he pursues his dream of becoming a photojournalist. Then Balki shows up and Larry has an unexpected roommate to contend with.


What is Balki's favorite way to celebrate?

Balki marks every happy occasion with a traditional dance of joy -- which usually ends with him catching Larry as Larry jumps into his arms.


Where do the cousins work in the first season?

Larry is a cashier at Ritz discount store when Balki arrives in town. He quickly gets Balki a job working with him under the watchful eye of his boss, Mr. Twinkacetti.


What nickname does Mr. Twinkacetti give Balki?

Donald Twinkacetti, also known as Twinkie, refers to Balki less-than-affectionately as Turnip. He also has a nickname for Larry -- Yo-Yo.


Who is Larry's neighbor, played by Lise Cutter?

Larry is good friends with the red-haired Susan Campbell in the first two seasons. When Balki meets her, he is so smitten that he throws himself at her feet in worship.


Who is Larry's girlfriend throughout most of the series?

Larry dates Jennifer Lyons, played by Melanie Wilson, for much of the series. The pair eventually marry and move into their own place, but Balki isn't far behind.


What does Jennifer do for a living?

Jennifer is a flight attendant who shares an apartment with fellow flight attendant Mary Anne Spencer, who eventually starts a relationship with Balki.


How does Balki almost die in season two, before Larry saves his life?

Larry is nearly hit by a taxi in season two, but luckily Larry saves his life. Unfortunately for Larry, this makes him a Primodopolos according to Balki's culture, which means Balki must wait on him hand and foot.


Where does Larry take a job in the season three premiere?

Larry's dream of becoming a photojournalist starts to come true in season three, when he takes a job as a reporter at the "Chicago Chronicle." Soon after he starts, he manages to get Balki at job at the paper -- working in the mailroom.


Who is Balki's boss in the mailroom?

Poor Balki is stuck working for the grumpy Mr. Gorpley in the mailroom, who makes it his mission in life to get Balki fired.


What is a bibi-babka?

Everyone is just crazy about bibi-babkas, a Myposian dessert that Balki makes for his friends. Larry thinks Balki can make money selling them, but Balki has trouble keeping up with the demand when a local restaurant places a huge order.


How does Balki handle his heartbreak when Mary Anne is transferred to London?

Balki is devastated when Mary Anne gets a promotion that will transfer her to London in season four. To handle his heartbreak, he decides to join a tough motorcycle gang.


What noise makes Balki transform into Elvis after he is hypnotized in season four?

Balki is hypnotized to think he is Elvis every time he hears a bell ring during season four. Unfortunately, he can't help himself from taking on the Elvis persona while he and Larry are undergoing an IRS tax audit.


What does Balki's mom gift him for his 25th birthday?

Mary Anne is less than pleased when Balki's mom sends him a wife for his 25th birthday. Turns out arranged marriages are all the rage on Mypos.


Where are Larry and his friends trapped in the season five episode, "Father Knows Best"?

When Larry's dad comes to visit, the gang ends up trapped in a flooded basement. Fearing they will be electrocuted when the water reaches the fuse box, they must find a way out before the water level rises.


Who is the advice columnist at the "Chronicle"?

Belita Moreno plays Lydia Markham, advice columnist at the "Chronicle." Lydia manages to dish out advice, despite the fact that her own love life is usually quite the mess.


What show is the episode "I Saw This on TV" a parody of?

When Larry lies to Jennifer to avoid taking her to the ballet in the season six episode, "I Saw This On TV," the show turns into a parody of the classic sitcom, "The Honeymooners."


Where does Larry go to end a losing streak by his beloved Bulls?

When the Bulls go on a major losing streak, Larry's boss at the "Chronicle" urges him to send Balki up on a billboard as a publicity stunt. Larry and Balki end up stranded on the billboard in frigid temperatures.


Who becomes the King of Mypos when King Ferdinand drops dead?

Larry becomes the unwilling King of Mypos after King Ferdinand drops dead on a visit to the States. This forces Larry and Balki to pretend the king is still alive until they can find a more appropriate successor than Larry.


What do Larry and Balki build in a "Laurel and Hardy" parody?

After Larry gets married, he and his wife move to an old Victorian house - and they invite Balki to move in to help with the bills. As Larry and Balki struggle to build a backyard gazebo, their antics remind Jennifer and Mary Anne of an old "Laurel and Hardy" episode.


What is the name of Balki's stuffed sheep?

Balki is the proud owner of a stuffed sheep named Dimitri. In season seven, the sheep inspires Balki to create a comic, which gets published in the "Chronicle."


What does Larry lose that almost ruins Balki's wedding?

According to Mypos tradition, Larry must protect a Myposian marriage necklace - the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille - until the ceremony, which takes place within 24 hours of the proposal.


What does Jennifer ride to induce labor?

Hoping to finally give birth, a heavily-pregnant Jennifer takes a ride in a hot air balloon in the two-part series finale.


What do Larry and Jennifer name their son?

In the series finale, viewers learn that both Larry and Balki have had sons. Larry and Jennifer choose the name Tucker, while Balki and Mary Anne name their son Robespierre.


What song plays over the closing scenes of the finale?

The closing scenes of the "Perfect Strangers" finale features memorable scenes from the show, set to the tune of Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable."


The show started airing three weeks after the first scenes were filmed.

It took a while for all the pieces to fall into place, in order to get "Perfect Strangers" on the air. To prevent having the series pulled by networks, producers rushed the show to the air just three weeks after the first scenes were filmed.


What comedian was originally set to play Larry?

In an unaired pilot, Louie Anderson played the role of Larry. Turns out, the chemistry between him and Balki just wasn't there, so the part went to Mark Linn-Baker.


This show was a spin-off of "Perfect Strangers."

You can blame "Perfect Strangers" for springing Steve Urkel on the world. The character of Harriette Winslow started as an elevator operator on "Perfect Strangers" before getting her own show.


How many seasons did "Perfect Strangers" run?

"Perfect Strangers" ran for 151 episodes over eight seasons, from 1986 to 1993. It was a major part of ABC's famous TGIF lineup on Friday nights.


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