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Are you always top dog when it comes to fun and interesting trivia? They say that knowledge is power, but that's not all it is. When it comes to the world around us, there is so much to learn that one person could never truly master it all. From the history of various countries and civilizations around the globe to cutting-edge technology that will take us flying into the future at breakneck, probably robot-powered speeds, there is truly a fascinating endless variety of things around us to explore. 

Some people are masters of only one or two topics, while some people prefer to dip their toes slightly in just about anything and everything. After all, with so much to learn about and understand, picking just one thing to focus on can be difficult. From the creatures and formations at the darkest depths of the ocean to the fascinating vastness of space, the universe is still full of fascinating creatures and events and undeniable mysteries just waiting to be uncovered. 

If you are a trivia whiz with a love for learning about absolutely everything under the sun and wacky fun facts, put your brainpower to the test with this quiz!

What stage of life was King Tut in when he died?

King Tut was only 19 when he died in 1323 BC. His mummy and tomb were discovered by British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter in 1922.


Where was gunpowder invented?

Gunpowder was invented in China centuries ago according to a 9th century Taoist text. It's said it was invented by accident during attempts to create an immortality elixir.


Which social media site has a bird for a logo?

Twitter has a light blue bird for a logo. To keep with this theme, using the site is called tweeting.


Tomatoes are a:

Tomatoes are scientifically fruits because they develop at the base of the flower carry their seed. Not all vegetables are savory and not all fruits are sweet.


All deserts are hot: True or False?

There are four types of deserts: subtropical deserts are hot year-round; coastal deserts have more season weather; cold winter deserts havedry summers and low rainfall in the winter; and polar deserts are cold all year long.


What was Eve believed to have been made from?

Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth according the Bible. Adam was created from dust and Eve was created from his rib.


King Henry VIII had a collection of more than 6,000 what?

King Henry VIII was a weapons enthusiast who slept with a giant ax beside him. His massive weapons collection included more than 6,500 handguns.


Statistically, the US birthrate is:

The US birthrate is the lowest it has been in 30 years. Fewer younger women are having babies, while more older women are. This is thought to be due to a variety of social and economic factors including the increasing cost of living and the advances in science to make pregnancy later in life a possibility.


Is blue a warm or cool tone?

Blues and greens are cool tones. Yellows, oranges and reds are warm tones.


What alphabet does the English language use?

Modern English uses the Latin (also known as Roman) alphabet. Its form originated around the 7th century from the Latin script.


What is the sun?

Our sun is actually a massive star. It is a yellow dwarf about halfway through its roughly 10 billion year life cycle.


Which pagan holiday is the basis of Halloween?

Samhain is the end of the harvest festival which Halloween is partially derived from. It is pronounced "Sow-wen."


What kind of neckline looks like a 3 turned on its side?

A sweetheart neckline mimics the top of a cartoon heart. It is a popular neckline for ballgowns and other formal dresses.


Peacocks are one of the few animals that prey on ... ?

Peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers. They also often eat animals and plants that other animals find poisonous and dangerous such as cobras.


What is the name of the fictional African country in "Black Panther"?

Wakanda is the name of the wealthy futuristic, fictional African country in the Marvel Universe. Their homeland thrives due to vibranium, a fictional super metal.


Which lipstick color makes teeth look whiter?

While red lipstick can make teeth look whiter, not all red lipsticks will do this. A blue-based classic pinup red will do the trick.


Which ocean is surrounded by a "ring of fire"?

The Ring of Fire is an area of high seismic activity known for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It forms a rough ring running along the west coast of the Americas and the easternmost countries of Asia.


Which country has, on average, the world's tallest men?

According to many sources, the men in The Netherlands are the tallest with an average of about 6 feet in height. The men of Indonesia are the shortest, with an average height of about 5 feet 2 inches.


What did the city of Mumbai, India used to be called?

Bombay changed its name to Mumbai in 1995. It was argued that Bombay was an English mistranslation of the name and a relic of English imperialism.


The US has the longest average life expectancy of any country.

Out of 224 countries, the US ranks 43rd in terms of life expectancy. The top 5 countries are Monaco, Japan, Singapore, Macau and San Marino, according to The World Factbook.


What is the name of the comedian who rose to fame through the film "Borat"?

Sacha Baron Cohen is a British actor married to actress Isla Fisher. He is known for his outrageous antics and putting other people in desperately uncomfortable situations for the sake of comedy. "Borat" cost $18 million to make and had a box office of $262 million.


Which sci-fi novel features "the spice"?

"Dune" is a feudal future space epic written by Frank Herbert. In the world of "Dune," the spice is the most valuable substance in the universe. David Lynch made a movie based on it.


How many kidneys do most people have?

Most people are born with two kidneys and have two throughout their lives. Illness, accidents, and other extreme circumstances can change this.


In which sport can most of the players not touch the ball with their hands?

Soccer, which is called football outside America, is one of the biggest sports in the world. Only the goalie is allowed to use their hands on the field.


What was the frisbee originally called?

Walter Frederick Morrison invented the frisbee in 1948 and in 1955, his company manufactured and sold the Pluto Platter flying disc. In 1957 they sold the company to Wham-O who renamed it the frisbee.


Which breed of dog is bigger?

Bloodhounds are the biggest of these breeds. Bloodhounds grow up to 27 inches in height and 110 pounds in weight. It's a scent hound that was bred for hunting deer.


Heart attacks are more likely to occur on:

Heart attacks are more likely to occur on Mondays than other days of the week. The chances of them rise 20 percent on this day of the week, according to new research from Sweden.


Which of these ingredients is always in mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise is an emulsion of oil and egg yolks. It can have numerous different ingredients in it, but the base always involves egg yolks.


What is Ringo Starr's real first name?

Ringo Starr was the drummer of The Beatles. His real name is Richard Starkey.


Which US city is known for its French flair?

New Orleans, Louisiana is a famous southern city that became a colony of the Kingdom of France in 1682 and it later became a part of the United States following the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. The city is known for for Voodoo, creole culture and food, and French aesthetic.


What makes food vegan?

Vegan food contains no parts of any animal or comes from an animal including milk, eggs, and honey. Ethical vegans oppose the use of animals in any way while environmental vegans oppose industrial farming as detrimental to the environment.


Which of these is a type of paint?

All three types of paints are commonly used by artists. They each look different and can be used to achieve different effects.


Snakes can help predict__________.

Snakes can detect earthquakes from up to 75 miles away. They can also sense them nearly a week before they occur.


Argentina is known for which style of dance?

Argentinian tango is a distinct style of the famous dance that originated in the 1880s along the Río de Plata and was normally practiced in brothels. It's a combination of the German Waltz, Czech Polka, Polish Mazurka, and Bohemian Schottische with Habanera, African Candombe, and Argentinian Milonga.


In 2017, taking selfies killed more people than:

In 2017 there were only five fatal shark attacks worldwide while 127 people died while taking selfies worldwide.


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