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Think you are a spelling champion? There's a reason that spelling bees are a popular contest for kids and even adults. Spelling is no easy task. English has its roots in Latin, Greek, French, and more, and constantly borrows words from languages around the world as it grows and changes. To know how to spell properly in English not only means that a person has mastered a language which many experts say has one of the largest vocabularies of any spoken language on earth, but that they understand how to spell in other languages too.    

Even native speakers often struggle with English spelling, and its no mystery why. In a language where "wait" and "weight" sound the same and "colonel" is pronounced like "kernel," things get very confusing from time to time.  Regional accents also change how people pronounce words all over the world. If you grew up hearing the people around you say "probly," you might be surprised to learn that it's spelled "probably."  On top of this, most Americans read at a junior high school level, meaning that most of English's vast vocabulary is not used all that often by the majority of speakers.  

If you are a master speller, see if you can take on this quiz! 

_____________ makes a great gift.

Break this word up if you ever get stuck on it. It's just "jewel" with a "ry" tacked on the end.


Jane is my:

The silent "gh" and "ei" in this word make for a spelling nightmare. Many people get it wrong.


Do you know his ________?

This is one of English's trickier words. Half the letters are not pronounced, and despite looking like it should rhyme with "weight," it doesn't.


Let's go to a Mexican _________.

Here is another word that can be tricky, but is a little easier when its broken up. Rest + au + rant = restaurant.


The pool is closed for:

This is another word that looks like a monster but becomes simple when you split it up. Main + ten +ance = maintenance.


Check your _________.

This word is tricky. In order to spell it right, remember that the E is between the two A's.


The prince came from a _________ land.

This word not only violates the I before E rule, but has a tricky silent G in it. This silent G can also be seen in words like "design" and "impugn."


You can borrow books from the:

Many people pronounce this word "lie-berry," but that is incorrect. The R is not silent.


That behavior is not ______.

Remember, acceptable has two C's. It also ends with "table."


I have a:

The silent P in this word can really throw some people for a loop. Don't let it catch you!


Make and bake:

"Rhyme" was spelled "rime" originally, which would have made more sense. In the mid-17th century it was changed by intellectuals to appear more like "rhythm."


It's noted in _________ one.

In English, it is not uncommon for N's to be silent when they come after M's. It can also be seen in words like "autumn" and "hymn."


She got her driver's _________ last year.

This word is tricky because it uses both C and S to make the soft S sound. Remember that in "license" the C comes before the S.


It takes _________ to master a skill.

The C is pretty much silent in "discipline," which can confuse people. This sneaky silent C also pops up in words like "scent" and "fascinate."


This desk is my:

"Possession" is a trying word. It has four S's in it, which make it a real slithering mouthful.


The subplot was not:

It's not uncommon to switch up vowels in words. This common spelling mistake catches many people.


The _________ of Bigfoot is questionable.

Breaking this word up may help spell it better, instead of the common mistake of putting A's in places they don't belong. It is just "exist" with "ence" tacked on the end.


I broke the glass _________.

To remember the spelling of this word, break it up. It's the words "accident" and "ally" combined.


He announced it:

This word throws many people for a loop, but it is simple when you break it up. It's just "public" and "ly" tacked together.


The milk is past _______ expiration date.

It's is a contraction of "it is/has" and should only be used in sentences where those words would fit in their original form. For example: "The milk is past it is expiration date" makes no sense, so instead you should write the possessive "its."


He's an ____________ comedian.

Even though many people pronounce this word "amachure," that is not how it's spelled. It is "amateur."


Many people _________ difficult words.

In English, even the word to describe having trouble spelling can be tricky to spell. Remember, it is just "spell" with "mis" tacked on the front.


Her scar was not:

This one seems tricky, but is easy when you break it up. Notice + able = noticeable.


We meet:

This word has both two C's and two L's. This can help those who get stuck spelling it.


Knitting is their favorite:

Many people get caught up trying to squeeze an extra "s" into this word. It only has one!


I ____________ the chicken parmesan.

Break this word up for a spelling reminder, if one is needed. Re + commend = recommend.


Lunch is on the:

Depending on where you are in the world, you may hear this word pronounced differently. Most Americans say "sked-yule," but in Canada and the UK they say "shed-yule."


They ___________ in ghosts.

This word actually follows the whole "I before E except after C" rule. It has Germanic origins.


He was __________ for his birthday presents.

Many people remember how to spell this word with this trick. They keep the "great" out of "grateful."


It's __________ mess.

Their indicates possession, which is what makes it appropriate in this context. You would not say "it's they are mess" or that a mess belongs to a place, so the other two are not a fit.


She is buried in the:

This word starts with a C and features three E's. Remember that C's followed by E's are pronounced like soft S's.


That shirt looks:

Weird is spelled weirdly, and that's no joke. Here the E comes before the I.


I am an ________.

This word takes from the Greek root "Theos," which means God, that can also be seen in words like "theology" and "theocracy." It also takes the prefix "a-," meaning not.


We all want _________ results.

Breaking this word up may be helpful in remembering how to spell it. It's "mediate" with "im" tacked on the front.


The plague spread through ________ Europe.

This word can be tricky to remember to spell, especially because it has different American and British spellings. The British spell it "mediaeval."


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