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You won't need a blue book for this exam. Answer the questions to improve your decorating GPA.

College is often the first chance for a person to do what to a room of their own?

Decorating your dorm room is something you can do without mom's influence.


College students often have a lot of disposable income for what?

While college students can blow what little money they have on partying or decorating -- or anything else -- they typically don't have a lot of disposable income.


What is a good source of free furnishings and décor?

It's a good idea to hit up your loved ones for stuff they no longer need.


What is something inexpensive you can do if you don't like the style of the hand-me-downs you receive?

Painting and using slipcovers are great methods for updating old furnishings.


What is a benefit of making your own décor?

Decorating with do-it-yourself pieces allows you to express your creativity on the cheap.


Why shouldn't you spend a lot of money on decorating your dorm room?

You don't want to invest a lot in items you're not likely to use after college.


In which of these places will you NOT find quality used furniture and decorative items?

Consignment furniture stores and charity stores are great places to find stylish décor at a bargain. Warehouse stores can sometimes offer good prices on new items.


What should you be wary of when buying something through an online classifieds site?

A classifieds site like Craigslist is a great place to find a deal. But be careful of both scams and defective merchandise.


Dumpster-diving is a great way to furnish your dorm room for what reason?

Curbside garbage may have any number of hazards, from fleas to bedbugs to exposed screws or nails.


Should you split decorating costs with your roommate?

Splitting costs with your roommate can save you money -- particularly if you have similar tastes. But before you share any new purchases, consider the trickiness of ownership in such situations.


What is one of the best strategies for decorating a dorm room on a budget?

Accessories allow you to create the décor you want -- but without spending a lot of money.


Accessorizing a room is a lot like what?

Just like with your wardrobe, accessories can make a look.


Accessories allow you not only to decorate on a budget, but what else?

Because they're small and inexpensive items, you can change up your room pretty easily and affordably with accessories.


Stick-on decals, chalk murals and enlarged photographs are affordable options for decorating what?

Instead of expensive art, look into enlarging photos, buying decals or drawing with sidewalk chalk to decorate your walls.


Affordable accessories are most likely to be found where?

You can find inexpensive accessories almost anywhere you're willing to look.


What are some primary decorating concepts for guys to focus on?

To make his room more welcoming, a guy should make sure it's clean and neat.


Canvas storage boxes and under-the-bed boxes are a great way to deal with what?

If you don't have a lot of closet or drawer space, these types of storage boxes can help you manage your wardrobe.


What is something that can double as both a storage container and extra seating?

A small storage ottoman can store your stuff and seat a friend.


What are some other common storage items suitable for a dorm room?

Both canvas totes and stackable shelves are inexpensive tools for organizing a dorm room.


What is the No. 1 decorating don't for college students?

Credit cards are a major source of debt for college students, so don't use them for non-essentials like decorating.


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