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Vampires like Dracula are mostly fiction, but there are some real-world foundations for these stories. Do you know your Dracula myths and realities?

Which writer created the vampire named Dracula?

He published the novel in 1897.


The novel "Dracula" details the vampire's efforts to move from Transylvania to which country?

There, he plans to expand his vampire empire.


Was Vlad the Impaler (also known as Vlad III) was the primary influence for the character Dracula?

No one knows for sure, but pundits say there's little proof that the terrifying Vlad was anything but a vague influence.


What other name was Vlad the Impaler known by?

He lived in the 1400s and killed many people in all sorts of horrible ways, like impaling them on tall stakes.


What other real-life person may the character of Dracula have been based on?

"The Ripper" had swept through London just before Stoker began creating "Dracula."


What is "porphyria"?

This real condition may have helped inspire part of vampire lore.


True or False: Transylvania is a real place.

It is a region in the central part of Romania.


How did Stoker create the details of Transylvania for his book?

He never actually set foot there, so instead Stoker researched the area thoroughly during the writing process.


An ancient Romanian word "dracul" means what?

Vlad III was known as the "son of Dracul."


What else can "dracul" refer to in Romanian?

Whether it's the devil or a dragon, the word is ominous at best.


True or False: Dracula is immortal.

He doesn't just have a crazy-long lifespan; his character is considered to be immortal.


In ancient times, what was one traditional way of killing vampires?

That would probably do the trick, even in the case of Dracula.


Stoker modeled Dracula's castle after a structure found in which country?

Some researchers believe it's Slains Castle, a spectacular ruin atop a Scottish hill.


For how long did Vlad the Impaler rule Wallachia?

Vlad's cruel reign did not last long; the Ottomans eventually drove him out.


About how many people did Vlad III kill during his reign?

Regardless of the number, this bloodthirsty temper ended the lives of many people in horrendous ways.


How did the character Dracula apparently obtain his amazing abilities?

He gained the strength of 20 men, but in the end it may not have been worth the price.


What was the idea behind "staking" a vampire?

Ancient people attributed bad luck to the undead and would exhume corpses to put a stop to curses.


Vampire behavior may have been inspired by which real-world disease?

Infected humans behave in violent and unpredictable ways.


Rabies could also explain which sort of vampire characteristic?

Unfortunately, without treatment, rabies also ends with an awful death.


Why do some rabies victims spit up copious amounts of blood?

This scarlet fact may have contributed greatly to the bloody aspects of the vampire myth.


What was NOT known to trigger muscle spasms associated with rabies?

But sunlight could trigger them, along with other sensory elements attributed to vampires.


True or False: Dracula shows a preference for female victims.

The character requires human blood and definitely prefers females.


What was the original name for Stoker's vampire character?

Instead, he borrowed "Dracula" from Romanian history and as a result made some of his own.


True or False: For killing vampires, iron bars work just as well as wooden stakes.

Or maybe they work even better; real corpses of suspected bloodsuckers have been found with bars driven through them.


What is a "revenant?"

A human corpse returning to feast on the dead could be called a revenant.


What bodily decomposition process contributed to the ancient belief in vampires?

It could be mistaken for a revenant that gorged on blood.


Dracula has power over what phenomenon?

His ability to conjure fog and mist is legendary.


Why would throwing salt stop a vampire's attack?

Legend has it that they are required to count the grains of salt, a fate perhaps worse than death.


One Romanian legend says you can find the grave of a vampire by placing a young boy on top of what?

Let them loose in a graveyard and the horse may point out a vampire's grave (or maybe just a plant that the horse loves).


Why is blood toxic to ordinary humans?

The overload of iron is too much, but perhaps Dracula has the cure for this problem.


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