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Depending on where you live, dragons are creatures to fear or revere -- and wherever they’re from, they’re just about always a force to be reckoned with. How well do you know your dragon lore?

A dragon is part of which royal coat of arms?

There is a dragon symbol emblazoned on the coat of arms of Charles, the Prince of Wales. It's an age-old family crest that experienced a surge in interest when his son, Prince William, married in 2010.


Where is one of the world's most famous dragon sculptures located?

Dragons have been immortalized in many cultures' art, but one of the most famous sculptures is the Nine Dragon Wall in Beijing. Made of ceramic tiles, the sculpture depicts nine large dragons -- and a closer look will reveal an additional 626 small dragons hidden among them.


What Mandarin word is part of the name for the Chinese dinosaur <i>Dilong paradoxus</i>?

The Mandarin word for dragon is in the name of many dinosaurs found in China: "long."


True or False: There's a dragon in Poland that breathes fire when cued via text request.

A dragon sculpture near the Polish city of Krakow is rigged to emit fire at regular intervals, including via text requests.


Who is Dragon*Con a convention for (mainly)?

Although there are certainly a few cryptozoologists and scientists among its attendees, Dragon*Con has been drawing thousands of speculative fiction fans to Atlanta over Labor Day weekend since 1987. The event includes a costume parade, fashion show and a variety of dragon-related presentations.


Who were the first people to record a sighting of Scotland's Loch Ness monster?

Known as Picts because of their penchant for drawing on rocks, these people lived in the Scottish Highlands in the first century A.D. -- and were the first to record the Lock Ness monster in a pictograph.


What does a cryptozoologist do?

A cryptozoologist is concerned with extinct or mythological creatures -- like dragons -- and discovering evidence of their existence.


What are European dragons known for eating?

European dragons seem to prefer dining on virginal maidens and augmenting their diets with livestock like sheep and cattle.


Which influential psychiatrist used dragons to help form his theory?

Carl Jung used dragons to illustrate the battle of the conscious and unconscious mind. When a hero slays a dragon, Jung says it's as if a person conquers their latent self.


Which animated movie featured a small, friendly dragon with a good sense of humor?

"Mulan," a full-length animated Disney movie, featured Mushu, a dragon charged with protecting Mulan as she battled for her family -- and country's -- honor.


Which dragon is part of an urban legend regarding marijuana use?

Since the 1960s, Puff, the Magic Dragon, has been immortalized in prose, film, children's story books and a famously popular song by Peter, Paul and Mary. But few associations have been as lingering as an urban legend (marked as false by the song's writers) that says the tale is really about smoking pot.


Which fashion designer is known for incorporating dragon designs into clothing?

Fashion designer Ed Hardy's clothing and accessories are known for sporting tattoo-style dragon designs.


Which dragon, originally thought to be a male, turned out to be female?

In "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," the school's groundskeeper hatches a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon. He thought about naming it Fluffy but settled on Norbert -- until he later realized it was a girl. From then on, it was called Norberta.


Which game involving role-playing and winged, fire-breathing beasts is the oldest?

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the oldest role-playing games still in play. It includes a goddess named Tiamat, a five-headed dragon.


Where's the best place to spot a modern dragon?

Although the existence of dragons has been much debated, there's still one place you can see one: the night sky. Draco, the dragon constellation, can be seen from the northern hemisphere and traces the figure of a serpentlike dragon.


Who was the Jabberwock, a famous literary figment, created by?

Lewis Carroll invented the Jabberwock and included it in a poem in his book "Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There."


What was the name of the dragon that liked to hoard gold in "The Hobbit"?

The gold-loving dragon in "The Hobbit" was named Smaug. His mountainside cave was filled with gold objects on which he liked to recline.


Which dragon became an Internet sensation?

The cult-favorite Web cartoon, Homestar Runner, includes a popular episode in which its characters sketch dragons. In the end, Trogdor the Burninator comes to life and wreaks fiery havoc across the countryside.


Does the Bible mention a dragon?

A seven-headed, hydra-style dragon is mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Bible. The multiheaded dragon is thought by many to represent sin.


What is the name of the dragon that the hero must slay in the poem "Beowulf"?

In the epic English poem "Beowulf," the titular hero must conquer a giant named Grendel, followed by Grendel's mother. Then, much later, he slays a dragon that has no name.


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