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Dryer sheets may prevent clothes from having static electricity, and soften your load of laundry. Did you know dryer sheets are also good to repel mice? Knowing what chemicals are contained in dryer sheets may be important information for your family. Take this quiz to add to your knowledge of dryer sheets.

What does static electricity do to clothes?

While tumbling in a dryer, static electricity may cause clothes to stick together.


What is an off-label purpose of dryer sheets?

Dryer sheets may be used to keep insects and rodents away from homes.


Who is credited with the discovery of treating material with fabric softener?

Conrad J. Gaiser is credited with the discovery.


While tumbling dry, why does a sock attach to a sweater?

Opposites attract: Static electricity brought the sock and the sweater together. Watch the sparks fly as those two exchange electrons.


What is the primary purpose of dryer sheets?

Dryer sheets keep clothes from creating static electricity.


What is a good conductor?

Water is a good conductor; it is able to move electrons quickly.


Fabric sheets have what kind of electrical charge?

Fabric sheets are positively charged.


If something is cationic, what kind of electrical charge does it have?

It will have a positive electrical charge.


What may be a determinant of a dryer sheet fragrance?

The molecules of a particular fragrance must be able to survive the clothes dryer's high temperature.


What chemicals must be listed on dryer sheets ingredients?

Dryer sheets are required to list only the active disinfectants or ingredients known to be hazardous.


What toxic chemical may be present in dryer sheets?

Ethanol and alpha-pinene may be present in dryer sheets.


What kitchen staple is a green fabric softener?

Vinegar is eco-friendly, and may soften your fabrics.


Who regulates the claims for "natural" products?

The government does not regulate the claims of "natural" dryer sheets, so there is no guarantee you are buying an eco-friendly product.


A person who has allergies may prefer what type of dryer sheet?

Fragrance-free dryer sheets may be preferred by those who have allergies.


What may a tennis ball be used for?

A tennis ball may be a frugal alternative to a dryer sheet.


What may be soaked into fabric squares to make homemade dryer sheets?

To make homemade dryer sheets, soak fabric squares with fabric softener or hair conditioner.


What do the manufacturers of dryer balls claim?

Manufacturers claim that dryer balls stop static, soften clothes and reduce the time necessary to dry clothes.


What rodent may be put off by the fragrance of dryer sheets?

Mice may be put off eau de dryer sheet.


Why are dryer sheets effective for dusting?

The sheets impart a positive electrical charge, which may push away dust particles.


Why are dryer sheets inappropriate to use on pets?

The dryer sheets may transfer harmful chemicals to your pet's fur.


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