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"Good Times" balanced serious family issues with plenty of laughs in the form of one unpredictable eldest son, resulting in a show that painted a true picture of the struggles of poverty while still keeping viewers engaged and entertained. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about J.J. and the gang on "Good Times."

What was J.J.'s famous catch phrase?

Director John Rich came up with J.J.'s catchphrase "Dyno-mite!" and soon insisted that the character say it in every episode -- much to the chagrin of Esther Rolle and John Amos, who felt that the show should focus on more serious subjects.


What was Nathan Bookman's job on the show?

Nathan Bookman was the superintendent in the Evans' building. The portly man was often referred to by his tenants as "Buffalo Butt" or simply "Booger."


What was the name of Florida's best friend?

Ja'net Dubois played the spirited Willona Woods, who lived in the same building as the Evans family and was Florida's best friend throughout the series.


Who should you go to if you want to buy hot goods out of someone's coat?

Lootin' Lenny was everyone's favorite huckster on the show, offering stolen goods out his jacket, often accompanied by a slow sales rap.


What character did Janet Jackson play on the show?

The future superstar played Penny Gordon, a young girl who is abused by her mother until Willona eventually adopts her.


Who was the youngest of the three Evans kids?

Michael -- a deeply dedicated activist -- was the youngest of the three Evans kids, while J.J. was the oldest.


What gang leader shoots J.J.?

After J.J. is forced to join the Satan's Knights gang, Mad Dog shoots him when he refuses to follow orders. While J.J. suffers only a flesh wound, he milks his injury in a way that only he could.


"Good Times" was a direct spinoff of this series.

Florida Evans started as a housekeeper on "Maude," but she was so popular with viewers that she eventually got her own show. "Maude" itself was a spinoff of "All In the Family."


Where was the show set?

"Good Times" took place in Chicago. While it was never explicitly stated on the series, the show likely took place in the infamous Cabrini-Green projects, which are shown in the opening credits.


What did Penny give to Willona for their first Christmas together?

To celebrate their first Christmas together, Penny gives Willona a necklace. Unfortunately, Penny stole the necklace, and the theft lands her in jail.


What is the name of Bookman's wife?

Bookman is married to Violet, who suspects he is having an affair with Willona. It turns out he is secretly pursuing his GED, but his secrecy has led Violet to fear he is seeing another woman.


What is the name of Thelma's husband?

In Season 6 of the show, Thelma gets engaged to Keith Anderson, a football player with dreams of going pro.


Who does Florida marry after James' death?

Carl proposes to Florida at the end of Season 4. She accepts, and the pair moves to Arizona -- essentially writing Florida off of "Good Times" for all of Season 5.


What job does Florida take when she returns to the show in Season 6?

Florida becomes a school bus driver. After noticing that one of the students has a hearing problem, she must convince the woman that the child needs help from a doctor.


How many seasons did "Good Times" run?

The show ran for 133 episodes over six seasons from 1974 to 1979.


What gang was Michael forced to join in Season 4?

Like his brother before him, Michael was forced into a gang in Season 4. To hide the news from his family, Michael hid his Junior Warlords jacket in the oven, which almost caused a fire.


What is the name of James' father?

James' father Henry abandoned the family when James was just 11 years old. Thirty-five years later, he comes back to make amends.


Why is J.J. arrested on his 18th birthday?

After a small party at home with his family, J.J. is arrested on his 18th birthday for allegedly robbing a liquor store, leaving the family to bail him out.


What was the name of the neighborhood loan shark?

Played by Theodore Wilson, Sweet Daddy Williams was always flanked by a pair of bodyguards. While he was always willing to help the Evans family out with a small loan, the family often found themselves in trouble when it came time to pay up.


Who does J.J. use as a model for his portrait of Jesus in Season 1?

Ned the Wino appeared in several episodes, first as a model for J.J.'s portrait of Jesus and later as a "project" for the ever socially-conscious Michael.


What happens to Florida at the end of the series?

At the end of the series, Keith and Thelma move into a fancy building uptown, taking Florida with them to care for their new baby. Willona surprises them by moving into the same building.


What is Henry's girlfriend's name?

Henry eventually reconciles with his family and marries his girlfriend Lena in the Evans' apartment.


Who holds Michael hostage after robbing a bank?

When Florida's nephew comes to town, the FBI comes to ask him about his involvement in a bank robbery. To avoid arrest, Cleatus holds Michael hostage.


Which of J.J.'s girlfriends is played by Debbie Allen?

J.J. plans to head to Indiana to elope with Diana -- played by Debbie Allen -- until he discovers she's a secret heroin addict.


What is Keith doing when he breaks his leg?

Keith breaks his leg when he trips over J.J. while walking down the aisle. The injury puts a damper on his honeymoon and seems to spell the end of his football career.


Why did Thelma break things off with Ibe?

Thelma fell for Ibe in Season 4 and planned to marry him and move to Nigeria, but broke things off when she learned that he was a polygamist.


What is the name of T.K. Carter's character in the episode "Wheels?"

T.K. Carter plays Head, a friend of J.J. who buys Mr. Bookman's old car -- a run-down '54 DeSoto.


Who never managed to get Willona's name right?

Alderman Fred Davis wasn't above threatening the Evans family and their neighbors when he needed their support. Despite his "dedication" to his constituents, he never managed to call Willona by her actual name.


What is the name of J.J.'s comic book character?

J.J. bases his character Dyno-Woman on his sister Thelma. At the end of the series, the Dyno-Woman character helps land J.J. a job with a comic publisher.


What killed James Evans?

At the start of Season 4, the Evans family learns that James was killed in a car accident while searching for a job in his home state of Mississippi.


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