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Easter Sunday is a great chance for you to dust off your DIY winter coat and get crafty. See how well you can do on our decorating quiz.

What food item is hidden for kids to find on Easter Sunday?

You don't want anyone getting salmonella, so make sure you boil those eggs before the hunt.


What's a good way to get intricate patterns on your dyed Easter eggs?

Impress your kids by wrapping the eggs in some spare lace to get cool and intricate patterns.


True or False: The story of Easter Sunday comes from American folklore.

The Easter story comes from the Bible as part of the Christian religion.


Confetti eggs originated as a tradition in what country?

If you've ever had a confetti-filled egg busted over you head, you've taken part in a Mexican tradition.


What's the best way to remove the yolk and white from the egg without breaking it?

All you need is two small holes (one on the top and one on the bottom) in your egg and your own breath. Blowing the insides of an egg out takes only a few seconds.


Using a fridge to store your bulbs so they'll bloom sooner is called what?

You can get your bulbs blooming at all times of year if you store them in your fridge a period of time. It's called forcing.


True or False: The Easter bunny originated in Austria.

The Easter Bunny hails from Germany!


What traditionally lines an Easter basket?

That other stuff is a little messy. Most people opt for the green plastic "grass."


What other animal besides the bunny is Easter associated with?

Baby chicks have long been associated with Easter Sunday.


You can make all-natural egg dye by doing what?

Boiling colorful fruits and vegetables is a great way to make some all-natural egg dye.


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