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In the world of ever-increasing gas prices the ability to improve gas mileage is a valuable skill. Your car might be able to get a lot better mileage than you know, but you have to be willing to do what it takes. Do you want to learn how to save hundreds of dollars per year on gas? Take this quiz to discover what you know about economical driving.

Poor automobile maintenance accounts for how much lost gas mileage?

If you don't maintain your car properly you might be reducing its mileage by as much as 25 percent.


What is the average lifespan of a modern spark plug?

There was a time when spark plugs had to be changed every 10,000 miles. These days they last at least 30,000 miles.


How often should you change your car's oil?

Many people recommend changing your car's oil every 3,000 miles. That might actually be overkill, but it won't hurt your car nearly as much as engine sludge will.


Where should you go to find out which type of oil your car needs?

The manufacturer's handbook for your car will usually include a recommendation about the type of oil you should use.


How does replacing your air filter improve your gas mileage?

Air intake is an essential element of combustion. The less air your car intakes the harder it has to work, which burns more fuel.


How much money per gallon can you save by regularly replacing your air filters?

Reduced power means reduced gas mileage, so replace your filters regularly. It could save you as much as 23 cents per gallon.


How much money can you save by replacing your spark plugs?

By replacing your spark plugs you increase your car's overall efficiency. It can save you as much as 75 cents per gallon!


How often should you check your tire pressure?

Your tire pressure will naturally decrease by about one psi per month. Check it at least that often.


How does added weight affect gas mileage?

For every one hundred pounds you carry in your car you lose one mile per gallon. Emptying out your trunk and removing the roof rack can really help.


How much more fuel do you burn when driving over 60 miles per hour?

Driving at high speeds greatly reduces fuel efficiency. Once you go over 60 miles per hour you reduce your mileage by 25 percent.


How much horsepower (hp) is lost buy running the air conditioning?

Running the air conditioning system reduces your car's horsepower by about 15. Roll down your windows to help save gas.


Besides saving money, which of these is another good reason to drive efficiently?

Economical use of fuel is not only a financial issue, it's a social one. Reduction of fuel consumption is one sure way to help the environment.


Approximately how many vehicles are riding around with an underinflated tire?

An astounding four in 10 cars on the road have at least one underinflated tire! That's not only bad for fuel economy, it's extremely dangerous.


What effect does cold weather have on tire pressure?

Cold air is denser than warm air. For every 10 degrees Fahrenheit that the air cools, the pressure in your tires, which is measured in pounds per square inch (psi), will decrease by one point.


Which of these types of tires is best for fuel efficiency?

While off-road tires may look really cool, they don't get the kind of mileage that all-season tires do.


To what degree can a tune up improve fuel efficiency?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a tune up can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 10 percent.


Of all the things you should do to take care of your car, which of these most greatly affects fuel mileage?

As far as car maintenance goes, nothing will reduce your gas mileage as much as a faulty oxygen sensor -- up to 40 percent.


How many items on the market actually improve gas mileage?

The EPA has inspected over 100 items that claim to significantly improve gas mileage, and found only half a dozen that had a statistically significant result. If it sounds like a gimmick it very likely is.


How does driving during off-peak hours effect gas mileage.

Stop-and-go traffic reduces mileage. That's why the sales sticker has a lower estimated mileage rate for city driving than for highway driving. Avoid traffic to improve mileage.


How low should your gas tank get before you refill it?

Rather than weigh down the car with a heavy liquid, wait till the gas tank is down to one quarter of a tank before stopping for gas.


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