Reading, Writing and Dysentery: How much do you know about educational computer games?

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The average child spends more time playing video games each week than watching TV. Keep kids motivated to learn by helping them choose games which are both engaging and educational with this quiz.

What book served as the inspiration for the "Crayon Physics" computer game?

The classic children's book “Harold and the Purple Crayon” inspired the "Crayon Physics" game.


When was "The Oregon Trail” game first introduced?

A student teacher from Minnesota created the first "Oregon Trail" computer game in 1971.


How many hours does the average 8th grade male devote to gaming each week?

The average 8th grade male spends 23 hours each week playing video games.


What game, introduced in 1991, challenges players to create an empire that endures?

The simulation game “Civilization” teaches kids history, geography, planning and other skills.


How many copies of “The Oregon Trail” game have been sold as of 2011?

In the first four decades since it was introduced, more than 65 million copies of "The Oregon Trail" were sold.


What name is given to the avatar character that kids interact with in "Itzabitza?"

In "Itzabitza," children interact with an avatar named Sketchy.


The educational game "FutureU" is designed to prep students for this test:

"FutureU" is an SAT-prep game.


How long did it take game designer Petri Purho to make “Crayon Physics?”

"Crayon Physics" was completed in about a week.


Children of the 1980s used their Apple II computers to play a popular game based around this beverage.

"Lemonade Stand" was a popular game for the Apple II series of computers.


What game uses Living Ink technology to bring children's drawings to life while teaching them to read?

"Itzabitza" relies on Living Ink technology to animate a player's drawings.


How many hours does the average 13-year-old girl devote to video games each week?

The average 8th grade girl spends 12 hours each week playing video games.


What game allows players to join forces with the ACME crime-fighting Agency and track villains around the globe?

Players of the "Carmen Sandiego" games take on the role of detective in the ACME crime-fighting Agency.


Where is the sequel to the popular reading game "Itzabitza" set?

The "Itzabitza" sequel “ItzaZoo” allows kids to explore zoo-themed settings.


While playing “The Oregon Trail,” what state are players traveling from?

"The Oregon Trail" takes players on a fictional journey from Independence, Mo, to the valleys of Oregon.


What popular 1980s edicational game starred an astronaut and Spot, his robot companion?

The original "Math Blaster" game starred Blasternaut and his robot companion Spot.


What classic math game helped players brush up on math skills while avoiding enemies known as troggles?

Players of "Number Munchers" had to show off math skills while avoiding troggles in order to win the game.


What modern online game teaches kids science by having them explore environmental problems at Taiga National Park?

"Quest Atlantis" teaches kids about the environment by having them solve water quality issues at the fictional Taiga National Park.


What reading game, introduced in 1986, features characters named Charlie Chipmunk and Sam the Lion?

"Reader Rabbit" helps kids learn to read by introducing them to fun animal characters.


What intestinal disease often spelled the end of a game of “The Oregon Trail,” forcing players to push restart?

Players of "The Oregon Trail" who made bad choices often found themselves dying of dysentery.


What simulation game is the best-selling PC game of all time?

The "Sims," where players create a virtual world, is the best selling PC game in history.


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