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The elephant is the largest mammal that lives on land. You can identify the geographical origin of an elephant simply by the size of its ears. Take this quiz to learn more about elephants.

What is the largest mammal that lives on land?

The elephant is the largest mammal that lives on land, but the whale is the largest mammal.


Where is the natural habitat of elephants?

Elephants are native to both Africa and Asia.


What have elephants been trained to do?

Elephants can be domesticated and have been trained to act in the circus and to pull heavy loads.


How much do elephants weigh?

Elephants weigh between 6,000 to 14,000 pounds (2,700 to 6,350 kilos) and usually the female is a bit smaller than the male.


What is interesting about elephant's ears?

Elephants cool their body temperature by flapping their ears, and ear size can give a clue to the elephant's geographic origin.


Elephants with larger ears originate where?

Elephants with larger ears come from the hotter climates of Africa.


When the elephant is scared, what does it do with its trunk?

A frightened elephant uses its trunk to blow a trumpet sound.


How does the elephant use its trunk to drink?

The elephant sucks up water with its trunk, and then squirts the water into its mouth.


To cool off, what does the elephant fling on its back?

Mud or dirt flung on its back helps the elephant to cool off.


For short spurts, how fast can an elephant go?

An angry elephant can charge at 25 mph (40 kph) for a short distance.


How does an elephant breathe and smell?

An elephant uses its trunk to breathe and smell.


Are elephants social animals?

Elephants are mostly social animals and live in herds. Females live with a heard of 15 to 40 others females, and their offspring plus a male leader. Males live alone or with small groups of other males.


Why would hundreds of elephant herd together?

Droughts and other disasters can bring hundreds of elephants together.


What has happened to elephants because of the market for ivory?

Elephants have been slaughtered for their tusks, and as a result African and Asian elephants are now threatened with extinction.


What event happened in 1989 that impacted the trade in ivory?

In 1989, an international moratorium on the trade in ivory and other elephant products was agreed upon by more than 100 countries.


How long may it take to train an Asian elephant?

Asian elephants may be trained in 10 years.


How are Asian elephants trained for use as draft animals?

A training method similar to the one used to train horses is used with elephants.


How many species of elephants are there?

There are only three species of elephants: the African savanna and African forest elephant and the Indian elephant.


How long do elephants live?

An elephant's lifespan is 80 years.


When do elephants mature sexually?

Elephants mature sexually anytime from 10 to 22 years.


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