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It'd be a bit of an understatement to say that Elvis Presley released a lot of songs in his 23-year career. And just a few of them became huge hits. Can you name the Elvis songs in this quiz?

What was Elvis' first single?

"That's All Right" sold about 20,000 copies and didn't chart when it was first released, but the rerelease hit No. 3 in the United Kingdom in 2004.


When was "That's All Right" released?

It was released on June 19, 1954.


Elvis did NOT perform this song on his first "The Ed Sullivan Show" appearance in 1956.

Elvis performed "Love Me Tender," "Don't Be Cruel," "Hound Dog" and "Ready Teddy" on "Ed Sullivan."


What was Elvis' first movie musical?

"Love Me Tender" was released in November 1956.


Which song did "Love Me Tender" replace at the top of the charts?

"Hound Dog" was No. 1 for 11 weeks in 1956, and "Love Me Tender" sat at No. 1 for five weeks after that.


What was Elvis' biggest U.S. hit?

"Hound Dog" (1956) sold around 10 million copies and was No. 1 on the pop, country and rhythm and blues charts simultaneously.


What was the B-side of "Blue Suede Shoes"?

"Honey Don't" didn't get as much attention as its flip-side, but it's still considered a classic.


Elvis held the No. 1 songs for 25 weeks in each of these consecutive years.

Between "Hound Dog"/"Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender," "Jailhouse Rock" and "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear," Elvis had a lock on 1956 and 1957.


What was Elvis' first No. 1 single after his return from the Army?

Elvis spent two years in the Army and came back with "Stuck on You."


This 1969 hit was Elvis' first Top 10 song in four years.

When "In the Ghetto" went to No. 3, Elvis hadn't been in the Top 10 since 1965's "Crying in the Chapel."


Which Elvis movie featured the hit "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear"?

Elvis sang "Teddy Bear" in 1957's "Loving You."


One day in 1956, Elvis played an impromptu jam session in the recording studio with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and …

Presley, Cash, Perkins and Lewis happened to meet up in the studio on Dec. 4, 1956, and record their noodlings.


What was the informal name of the group of four musicians?

The session was released in 1990 under the name "Million Dollar Quartet."


This was the last song Elvis released before his death in 1977.

"Way Down" was released on June 6, and Elvis died on August 16.


"A Little Less Conversation" was originally written for which artist?

"A Little Less Conversation" was supposed to be an Aretha song.


Which presidential candidate did NOT use "A Little Less Conversation" in the 2004 campaign?

"A Little Less Conversation" was a popular tune in 2003-4 … except with John Edwards.


Which candidate used it in 2008?

Mitt Romney chose "A Little Less Conversation" in 2008.


Which Elvis song uses the melody from "<i>O Sole Mio</i>"?

"It's Now or Never" was reportedly written in 30 minutes to the tune of "<i>O Sole Mio</i>."


UB40 had a No. 1 hit with this Elvis song in 1993.

The British reggae group covered "Can't Help Falling in Love"


Which (non-Elvis) movie features "Viva Las Vegas" twice?

There are two covers of "Viva Las Vegas" in "The Big Lebowski."


This song was a big hit for Elvis in 1972 and for Willie Nelson in 1982.

Willie Nelson's version of "Always on My Mind" was the No. 1 country song of 1982.


This 1968 song was Elvis' tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Elvis recorded "If I Can Dream" two months after King's death.


In one of his final concerts, Elvis sang a cover of this song that went to No. 6 on the country charts.

Elvis' live version of "Unchained Melody" is known as one of his best performances.


Elvis ended most of his later concerts with this song.

"Can't Help Falling in Love" became Elvis' signature finale.


What was Elvis' last No. 1 hit?

"Suspicious Minds" was Elvis' final chart-topper, in 1969.


What was Elvis' last Top 10 hit?

"Burning Love" made it to No. 2 in 1972.


What Elvis song did Bill Clinton play on the saxophone on "The Arsenio Hall Show" in 1992?

Clinton performed "Heartbreak Hotel" in his iconic Arsenio appearance.


Which Elvis song hit No. 1 in the United Kingdom in 2002?

"A Little Less Conversation" was remixed in 2002 and used in a World Cup ad.


Which Elvis song hit No. 1 in the U.K. in 2005?

"Jailhouse Rock" became the third song to hit No. 1 twice and the oldest song to go No. 1.


Which 2002 animated movie used eight Elvis songs?

"Lilo & Stitch" was very Elvis-centric.


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