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How many jobs have you had? Do you know the difference between networking and career branding? See if you have the skills to ace the Ultimate Employment Quiz. If not, we're telling your boss.

Which of the following best describes baby boomers who want to leave the corporate jobs they hate to rediscover their career passion?

Third agers are people in their early 40s to 60s whose lives are now characterized by new freedoms and personal growth, which involves rediscovering their career passion.


In the world of employment, what are "assessments"?

The results of these tests can often be a good starting point for discovering more about yourself and interests when it comes to your career.


What is meant by career branding?

By showcasing the differences between you and other employees, career branding not only defines who you are, but also the value you bring to an employer.


How many times will a person change jobs during their lifetime?

The days of working in one job are all but gone. Most people will change jobs between three and five times during their lives.


What’s a "cold call"?

Cold calls are usually uninvited cover letters to an employer who has not publicly announced a job opening.


Which term best describes the collection of beliefs, expectations and values shared by a company's members and transmitted from one generation of employees to another?

While some corporations might rely on malfeasance as part of their corporate culture, most companies rely on a set the rules of acceptable conduct.


What does "CV" stand for?

"CV," or Curriculum Vitae, is a fancy word for resume.


Who first coined the term "dress for success"?

While Ronald Reagan and the others had nice wardrobes, it was author John Molloy who coined the term "dress for success" in his 1975 book of the same name. The term is also used to describe "power dressing."


Someone who starts and runs his or her own business is often referred to as a what?

Entrepreneurs are business people who take a chance on a business with considerable initiative and risk. John D. Rockefeller, who made his money in oil, and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, are two of the world's most famous entrepreneurs.


What is the correct definition of franchising?

McDonald's and Subway restaurants, are two good examples of a legal relationship between a high-profile trademark and the owner of that particular shop.


What do green-collar jobs refer to?

Green is the color of money -- even for Kermit -- but green jobs refer to positions in the renewable-energy field.


Which of the following is one of the best ways of gaining experience in a particular field while in college?

While most of these are good ways of gaining employment experience, college students prefer internships as a way to get real-life work experience and college credit.


Which unit of a company will often conduct screening interviews with job applicants?

Not only will the human resource department conduct the first interview for a job, it'll also be the last department you see when you leave.


Executive recruiters are also known as what?

Headhunters are recruiters who specialize in a particular industry when finding jobs for prospective employees.


What is a "letter of agreement"?

Don't quit your job before your new employer sends you a letter of agreement outlining the conditions of employment. It's always good to have something in writing.


Which of the following people would be well-suited to writing a letter of recommendation during a job search?

Employers generally don't care what your mother or teacher has to say about you. However, employers do want to know what your former boss might think. Important safety tip: Make sure your former boss likes you.


What is a "mentor"?

Some companies and organizations have formal mentoring systems, in which a person at a higher level counsels and guides employees on a variety of matters.


When you work multiple jobs you are also doing what?

While you might be trying to make ends meet, or are just highly motivated, working multiple jobs is also known as "moonlighting."


Which of the following statements bests describes "networking"?

People that you meet can often help you find work, or give you advice and information about a particular company or industry.


Why would a person in their 20s develop a "quarter-life crisis"?

Experts say 20-somethings might feel adrift after suddenly being thrown into the work force after spending years learning how to succeed in school.


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