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You are traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind, where every creepy story line and signature twist ending will leave you questioning what you just saw -- or hiding under the covers. Take our quiz to see test your "Twilight Zone" IQ!

Who was the narrator of the series?

Rod Serling served as narrator to "The Twilight Zone." He also helped create the series, and wrote more than half of the 150-plus episodes.


The young William Shatner starred on an episode as a man who sees a gremlin on ...

In the season five episode "Nightmare at 20,000 feet," William Shatner plays an unbalanced man who sees a gremlin on the wing of a plane. While everyone thinks he is crazy, the closing scene of the episode reveals damage to the wing.


Where does the young Anthony from "It's A Good Life" send those who displease him?

In this season three episode, a boy named Anthony has the power to send anyone he wishes to a deserted cornfield -- or turn them into a jack-in-the-box. A young Cloris Leachman plays Anthony's mom in this episode.


Who stars as a woman fighting off aliens in the season two episode "The Invaders?"

In this classic "Twilight Zone" episode, Agnes Moorehead is a woman living alien in a farm house when aliens land on her roof. She manages to eliminate them, only for the audience to learn she is the alien, and the invaders were from the U.S. Air Force. The episode is famous for having very little dialogue.


Who are the aliens in "To Serve Man?"

The season three episode "To Serve Man" features aliens known as the Kanamits who come to Earth to do some cooking. The problem is, man is the main course in their recipes.


What is Henry Bemis desperate to find time for in "Time Enough at Last?"

All Henry Bemis -- played by Burgess Meredith -- wants to do is be alone to read. When he is the only survivor of a nuclear blast, he just might have all the time in the world -- until his reading glasses break.


Why is Janet Tyler sent to exile in "The Eye of the Beholder?"

After having 11 surgeries, Janet Tyler is revealed to look like a normal human -- while everyone else in the episode looks strange and deformed. Because of her hideous appearance, Tyler is sent to exile in the season two episode "The Eye of the Beholder."


What does the number 22 symbolize in the season two episode "Twenty-Two?"

A hospitalized dancer keeps dreaming of a morgue in room 22. When she is released, she boards a plane, only to realize it is Flight #22. She manages to get off the plane before it crashes, killing everyone on board.


What establishment serves as the setting for "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?"

After an empty UFO is discovered, police follow footprints in the snow to a local diner. As they interview the patrons to find the Martian, they fail to realize that there might be more than one alien at the counter in this season two episode.


How does Tennyson stay quiet for a year to win the $500,000 in "The Silence?"

A man named Tennyson secretly severs his vocal cords to stay silent for a year, hoping to win a half million-dollar bet. Turns out, the man he is wagering with doesn't have that kind of cash, which means Tennyson spent a year alone and underwent surgery for nothing.


What is the name of the murderous doll in the season five episode "Living Doll?"

Talky Tina is the terrifying doll that just won't die on season five of "The Twilight Zone." If you're scared of dolls, skip this one.


The citizens of this street lose their minds when they suspect aliens have invaded in a season one episode.

In the season one episode "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street," citizens riot when the power goes out and aliens could be to blame. Did they over-exaggerate? Nope, there actually were aliens watching how easy it was for the humans to lose control.


What is the addiction plaguing the characters in the season one episode "The Fever?"

"The Fever" is a life lesson like many episodes of "The Twilight Zone." It features a man who becomes so addicted to gambling that he throws himself out a window to his death.


What's the twist ending to the season five episode "Stopover in a Quiet Town?"

In the season five episode "Stopover in a Quiet Town," the characters wake up in a deserted house, and can't manage to escape the little surrounding town. Turns out, they are merely playthings for an alien child playing with a model village.


Why is the main character in "The Obsolete Man" now obsolete?

The season two episode "The Obsolete Man" depicts a future where reading is banned and librarians are obsolete. The main character is set to die, and decides to take his executioner down with him.


What is the "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge?"

Based on the classic story by Ambrose Bierce, the season five episode "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" features a man who escapes hanging and reunites with his wife. Except that's all in his head, and he actually died during the hanging like he was supposed to.


What is the true identity of Marsha White from "The After Hours?"

In this season one episode, viewers watch Marsha as she shops at a department store. Things get stranger and stranger, until Marsha finally turns back into a mannequin.


Who is the man who is following Nan in the season one episode "The Hitch-Hiker?"

Nan is being followed by a mysterious man while on a cross-country road trip in this season one episode. Turns out, she died in the early part of her trip, and the man following her is death himself.


Where is the season one episode "I Shot An Arrow Into the Air" set?

When a group of astronauts crash lands on what looks like another planet, one of them eventually kills the others to maximize his own chance for survival. He is horrified when he discovers he's actually in the desert just outside Reno, Nevada.


What holiday is the season five episode "The Masks" set during?

In this season five episode, a group of heirs visits a dying relative, who insists they all wear terrible Mardi Gras masks as they hear his will. When he dies, they learn that their faces will forever resemble the hideous masks they donned.


Where are the "Five Characters in Search of an Exit" trapped?

This season three episode features a clown, hobo, dancer, musician and solider all trapped in a small space. Turns out they are toys tossed into a tin can by a child.


What roles do Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson play when they guest star in the episode "Two?"

The two celebrities play soldiers who meet in a deserted town after it has been evacuated for war. They fall in love, despite not speaking the same language in the season three episode.


Why is the town deserted in "Where Is Everybody?"

The very first episode of the series features a man isolated in a deserted town. At the end, viewers learn he is an astronaut, and the town is a training site designed to teach him the isolation of outer space.


Where does Martin Sloan meet his younger self in the episode "Walking Distance?"

Ad exec Martin Sloan learns you can't go home again when he travels back to Homewood and meets his younger self. When he scares the young Martin, the boy falls off a carousel, causing an injury that will leave the adult Martin limping all his life.


In the episode "Nick of Time," William Shatner plays a man named Don who gets obsessed with one of these.

In Shatner's first appearance on the series, he plays a newlywed named Don who finds himself stuck in the town of Ridgeview with his wife Pat. He becomes obsessed with a fortune telling machine at a diner, only escaping when his wife helps to save him.


How does ad exec Gart Williams get to Willoughby in "A Stop at Willoughby?"

Gart Williams keeps dreaming of an idyllic town called Willoughby in the season one episode. When he can only get there in his dreams, he throws himself in front of a train so he can go there in the afterlife.


What game do characters played by Jack Klugman and Jonathan Winters play in a season three episode?

The two men make a wager over who is the better pool player - with the prize being life or death in the season three episode. Turns out that winning the bet means an eternity of trying to hold on to the title.


Who is the young boy communicating with on the phone in "Long Distance Call?"

In the season two episode, a boy uses a toy phone to talk to his dead grandmother. She tries to have him killed to lure him over to the afterlife, and it takes everything in his parents' power to keep the boy alive and end the call.


What is the true identity of "The Howling Man?"

When an American man runs into an imprisoned man in a castle, he lets the man go. Turns out, the man was locked up for a reason -- because he is the Devil.


What year did "The Twilight Zone" premiere?

The original series ran from 1959 to 1964. It was rebooted twice more -- in 1985 and 2002. It also became a 1983 Steven Spielberg film, but many argue there's nothing that can match the original series.


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