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Think twice before spending your hard-earned Benjamins on an expensive act at your next event! Take this quiz to see how savvy you are when it comes to entertaining on the cheap.

Which program serves as an instant photo booth, requiring only a computer and a webcam?

This is way more affordable than renting an actual photo booth for your next event! Sparkbooth serves as an instant photo booth that requires only the Sparkbooth software (which costs around $60), a computer and a webcam.


Which Middle Eastern-style dancers could be entertainers at your next bachelorette party or wedding reception?

Belly dancing is a traditional style of dance that originated in the Middle East. Belly dancers are popular at bachelorette parties, wedding receptions and adult birthday parties.


Both experienced clairvoyants and regular Joes can become knowledgeable Tarot card readers through which organization?

The American Tarot Association is a social and professional group that supports various educational programs for tarot card readers, students, enthusiasts and scholars. Besides being a cool hobby to pick up, the ability to read tarot cards will save you big bucks on entertainment at your next event!


Which kind of artist specializes in cutting elegant portraits with only paper and a pair of scissors?

Silhouette art has been a popular way of capturing profiles since the 1700s and is still used to entertain party guests today.


You can’t hire The Rolling Stones to play at your next event, but you can hire a band that exclusively plays their songs, called a ___.

A tribute band sings songs of a band they admire, sometimes also dressing like the real band members, whether they’re deceased or still living. Cover bands play other artists' music, but they're not limited to tunes from a single performer or group.


Your 5-year-old daughter wants an animal-themed birthday party, but you can't afford fa petting zoo to be brought to your house. What should you do?

Yes, admission to the zoo is expensive, but if you're only taking a few children, it'll end up being cheaper than bringing a menagerie of animals into your backyard. A trip to the pound would be less expensive, of course, but is not advisable unless you want to bring home one or more animals. Who can say no to the birthday girl?


Which popular party entertainers toss and multiple catch objects for sport?

Jugglers toss and catch multiple objects for sport -- ranging from balls to dinner plates -- wowing party audiences both young and old.


Which artists are known for drawing exaggerated portraits?

Caricature artists draw exaggerated -- sometimes humorous -- portraits, and they're great entertainers to hire for a variety of events, including birthday parties and corporate gatherings. Best of all, their rates are usually very reasonable.


Which entertainers dress up in white face paint, wear colorful outfits and are common at kids' birthday parties?

Clowns are comedic performers who often wear face makeup and dress in colorful costumes. They're common performers at carnivals, circuses and small kids’ birthday parties. Clowns' rates are generally affordable, so hiring one or more to entertain little guests is always a popular option.


Which entertainers are known for holding humorous conversations with puppets?

Ventriloquists manipulate and throw their voices to make it appear as if they are holding conversations with their hand-controlled puppets. Like clowns, ventriloquists rates are usually fairly affordable, but be careful if your group includes very young children. Some little kids may be unnerved by a talking puppet, regardless how funny the act may be.


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