Quiz: The Ultimate Ergonomics Quiz
The Ultimate Ergonomics Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Most people spend the majority of their day in their workplace, so it is easy to understand how a workplace that is poorly set up can cause you injury. Using the principles of ergonomics you can make your workplace a safer and healthier environment. Take this quiz to see how many rules of ergonomics you know.

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How many employees suffer from musculoskeletal disorders each year as a result of their workplace?
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How are most musculoskeletal disorders caused?
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How is productivity affected by injury?
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Besides the back, what other parts of the body are commonly effected by workplace strain?
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When sitting for long periods, where should your knees be in relation to your hips?
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How far from your face should your computer monitor be?
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Why are the disks in the neck and the lower back more susceptible to injury than those in the thoracic spine?
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What should you avoid when speaking on the telephone?
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What does carpal tunnel syndrome cause?
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If your job requires you to sit for long periods, how often should you go for a walk?
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What part of your office is it worth investing money into to promote a healthy back?
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What letter does the shape of the spine resemble?
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