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Traveling with your pet, like traveling with kids, is a lot easier and a lot more fun if you are well-prepared. Before you stock up on pet travel essentials, check out our informative quiz for great ideas on what to pack for a trip with your favorite pet.

How much did American pet lovers spend on pet products in 2006?

According the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, in 2008, Americans spent $43.4 billion on pet-related products.


One of the fastest growing pet-related industries is pet:

One of the fastest growing pet-related industries is pet travel. There are now hotels, resorts and spas designed specifically for pets.


What is a pet "passport"?

There are no official pet passports, but it's a good idea to travel with documents from your vet that certify that your pet is healthy and that its vaccinations are up-to-date. Make sure you bring a photo along in case your pet gets lost.


Which government body should you consult to find out about pet import rules in your travel destination country?

To find out about the pet import rules of your travel destination country, consult the United States Embassy in that country. Countries have differing regulations regarding vaccinations and animal quarantines.


_____ are a new technology that can help you track down a lost pet.

Microchips are a new technology that can help you track down a lost pet. A tiny device is implanted under your pet's skin and if your pet is lost and brought to a shelter, they can get your contact information by scanning the microchip.


Microchips work off of radio _____ identification (RFID) technology.

Microchips that are used to identify your pet work off of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and contain a multi-digit ID number. When you register your microchip with an agency like the American Kennel Club, that number corresponds to your contact information.


Microchip implants for pets cost about:

Pet microchips are very tiny and are implanted by a veterinarian with a hypodermic needle. Implants usually cost less than $50.


What is the best way to protect your car's upholstery during long car trips with your pet?

Though you can try putting a towel or blanket on the car seat under your dog during a long car trip, it is unlikely to stay in place for long. Your best bet is to purchase car seat covers that will really protect your car's upholstery.


When you're on the road with your cat, take along a _____ litter box.

A portable litter box is a must-have accessory for anyone who travels with a cat. You basically bring the cat's toilet with you.


How long before traveling with your cat should you introduce him to a new portable litter box?

You should introduce a new portable litter box to your cat gradually in the weeks leading up to your trip so that it looks and smells familiar.


What should you bring along on a long trip to keep your pet occupied and happy?

Bring along a favorite toy or chew pillow to keep your pet happy on a long trip. The familiar items will keep it calm and occupied.


What should you bring along on a trip in case your pet gets sick or injured?

For long trips, buy or prepare a pet first aid kit. Check with the American Red Cross for a list of basic supplies that you'll need in case of a pet emergency.


Which of the following should you include in your pet first aid kit.

According to the American Red Cross, you should include the following basic items in a pet first aid-kit: gauze pads, bandages, cotton swabs, instant cold pack, tweezers, thermometer, hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointment.


If your pet becomes ill or hurt on a trip, you should:

If your pet becomes seriously ill or hurt on a trip, you should take it to a local vet to ensure it is getting the best care.


How can you give your pet enough water during a trip without worrying about spills?

To ensure that your pet gets enough water during a trip, use a pet travel water dispenser or a specially designed collapsible travel bowl. They are designed to prevent spills while you're driving.


How much water do your pets need while on the road?

While traveling, your pets should drink at least as much water as they normally do during a day at home.


When traveling with a cat in a car, always secure the cat:

Though pet seat belts can be used for your dog, always use a comfortable cat carrier or crate to secure your cat when traveling by car.


Most commercial pet seat belts consist of a harness that fits around your dog's:

Most commercial pet seat belts consist of a harness that fits around your dog's torso and a belt attachment that snaps into your car's seat belt insert. Your dog should be able to sit or stand up, but not walk around.


What is the most essential travel accessory to take along when traveling with a pet?

Whenever you leave the house, make sure your dog or cat is wearing a securely-attached collar with a tag on it containing your pet's name and your local contact information.


When traveling by air with your pet, the most important accessory you'll need is an escape-proof:

Before embarking on a plane trip with your pet, make sure his carrier is escape-proof and well ventilated.


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