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We all know that some foods taste great together, and some combos just don't work (orange juice and toothpaste, anyone?). But it can go much further than your taste buds. Some foods truly bring out the best in each other -- their health benefits multiply when they're eaten together. This quiz will give you some tips on what to pair up, whether you're looking to improve your health or just have a tasty meal.

You'll reap extra health benefits if you drink a glass of this kind of juice along with your morning oatmeal.

The phenols (organic compounds) in orange juice and oatmeal help stabilize your LDL cholesterol. When you eat them together, you get twice the benefit.


What's another good combo to have for breakfast?

It's always a good idea to start off the morning with protein and beneficial carbohydrates. Protein slows our absorption of the sugar from the carbohydrates. So, eggs and cantaloupe are a great combo.


Grilling a steak with a little bit of this herb is tasty -- and it could reduce the effects of the carcinogens that form on the meat when it's cooked over high heat.

The antioxidants in rosemary can lower the amount of the free radicals that are produced with charring.


This spice, found in many Indian dishes, has tumor-fighting effects.

Turmeric has anti-angiogenic properties, which means that it fights cancer.


Turmeric isn't all that effective when it's consumed alone. What can you add to turmeric that enhances its health benefits?

The piperine in black pepper makes turmeric 1,000 times more effective.


What's a good root vegetable to roast along with carrots and parsnips?

Although the bitterness in Brussels sprouts would complement the sweetness in carrots and parsnips, if you're looking for another root vegetable to roast, the answer is turnips, since Brussels sprouts are not a root veggie.


Throw some of these in your guacamole to make it extra healthy.

Tomatoes are full of lycopene, which helps reduce your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The fat in avocados helps your body absorb seven times more lycopene.


What's a good cheese to pair with pears?

Blue cheese and pear pair well together.


In traditional Chinese medicine, which two food groups are the most important?

Grains and vegetables are the two main food groups. Meat and fruit are secondary, and dairy is considered unfit for human consumption.


According to Chinese medicine, what should you eat to counteract the negative effects of spicy fried food?

Fried and spicy foods cause an imbalance in your body known as "hot qi." To rebalance yourself, you should eat "cool" foods like citrus fruit and watermelon.


You're making a butternut squash dish with pancetta. What herb should you add?

Sage goes perfectly with the sweet squash and salty pancetta.


You have some wild mushrooms you'd like to sautee with some herbs. What herb would work here?

Sage will work really well with the woodsy mushroom flavor.


You're snacking on an apple. What could you eat with it to improve your cardiovascular health?

It might seem a little strange to supplement your healthy snack with a piece of chocolate. However, the quercetin in apple skin (which has been shown to decrease your risk of heart attack) and the catechin in chocolate (which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis), can work together to de-clump blood platelets. How about that?


What's the best kind of bread to use for peanut butter sandwiches?

Even though you need it, it's rare that you get a complete chain of amino acids in your meals. But apparently, peanuts contain the exact amino acids that wheat is lacking. So if you eat them together, you get them all!


What's the perfect addition to a salmon dish to give your body more resistance to cancer?

Salmon is high in vitamin D, which may offer protection against cancer. Eating it with unprocessed soy products can increase the amount of vitamin D available to your body -- so go for the edamame.


If you're looking to boost your iron levels, you might want to add some of this to your salads.

Our bodies don't absorb plant-based iron as well as animal-based iron. But the addition of vitamin C helps us absorb it better. So you might want to put some orange slices in your spinach salad or squeeze some lemon juice on it.


While we're talking about salads, what else could you add that would bring out the vitamins in those leafy greens?

The "good fat" in an olive oil-based dressing will allow you to absorb more vitamins from the spinach or lettuce.


To get the most vitamin D out of your yogurt, what can you add to it?

The fat in almonds will help your body absorb more of the yogurt's vitamin D.


Fish is a great cholesterol-reducing food. What can you cook it with to make it even better?

According to Men's Health magazine, "Cooking your fish with garlic lowers your total cholesterol better than eating those fillets or cloves alone."


Recent studies have shown that eating a variety of fruits together is much healthier than consuming them separately. What benefit do you get from eating a fruit salad instead of an apple?

According to Men's Health magazine, "Studies have shown that the antioxidant effects of consuming a combination of fruits are more than additive but synergistic."


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