Tell Us About Yourself And We'll Guess Which Dog Breed Matches Your Personality!

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Sometimes, the one thing you need to make your family complete is a pup. There are over 340 recognized dog breeds worldwide, so the choice may seem overwhelming at first. Of course, you probably have a general idea of the kind of dog you want, but there are plenty of smaller things to consider when deciding on the perfect furry companion!

How active are you? How much space do you have? Are you gone all day? Do you have small children? Are you looking for a lap dog, a work dog or a guard dog?

What about your temperament? Are you high-energy and ready to play at the park every single day, rain or shine? Do you need a lot of quiet downtime to recenter yourself? Do you need an animal to keep you company, or would a needy pooch drive you bonkers?

Different breeds have astoundingly different needs and personalities. Terriers tend to be loyal and high-energy. Retrievers love to play and are generally easy-going. Certain guard dogs are rather aloof to everyone but their owners. Herding dogs need plenty of space to run.

Take this quiz to help you figure out exactly which kind of pup you should adopt! Remember, adopt, don't shop!

How imposing are you?

How classically good looking are you?

How would you describe your strength?

How specialized is your job?

Do you get along with your peers?

Who finds you endearing?

What is your idea of a great vacation?

What do you do on your days off?

How do you dress on your days off?

What do you do for a living?

What industry do you work for?

How educated are you?

How do you feel about strangers?

Do you have a lot of friends?

How long have you had to toil in obscurity?

How dirty is your job?

How dangerous is your job?

Does your job involve a lot of teamwork?

How important is a good attitude in your work?

Are you excited about your job?

If you could retire, how would you spend your time?

What do you dream of doing with your life?

How do you feel about children?

Do you like to travel?

Do strangers like you?

How do you keep fit?

Do you look like you're in good shape?

How often are you underestimated?

Did you get good grades in school?

Did you respect your teachers?

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