Which Monster Matches Your Soul?

By: Amanda Monell
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For many horror movie aficionados, there are many points to a good scare. While special effects and makeup play a massive factor, it's easy to identify situations that heroes find themselves in. Think about it.  You're hired to babysit your neighbor's child on Halloween. But it isn't just a typical Halloween: there's an insane serial killer on the loose, and soon you're defending yourself and your ward from the monster out on its rampage. Of course, it is the monsters who tend to steal the spotlight and cause the fans to cheer them on.

Not all monsters have pleasant origins though. Take one of the first werewolves put on film: The Wolfman. Written by Curt Siodmak, a German Jew with Polish roots, who escaped the Nazis in the 1930s, many people theorize that this film is not only a fun romp with a werewolf but a depiction of the alienation that many Jews faced because of the Nazis before and during World War II.

Maybe it's the shared experience of getting scared silly, but once you're a horror fan, you will be bound to befriend others and want to live the experience over and over again. But which kind of movie would you want to see? Let's help you make your decision by seeing what monster matches your soul.

Were you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Which horror movie icon scares you the most?

What was the first horror movie that you saw?

How old were you when you saw your first horror movie?

How well-known do you want your monster to be?

If your monster were in an Olympic sport, which one would it be?

Besides Halloween, which holiday do you like to celebrate?

If you found out that your next door neighbor was a vampire, what would you do?

Which of these maladies are you most likely to have?

How old do you want your monster counterpart to be?

Do you believe in the Mummy's Curse?

Which insect do you like the most?

Where would you like to go on a first date?

What is your favorite werewolf movie?

What physical attribute are you drawn to when looking for a potential mate?

Which of these creature features is your favorite?

When stepping out during the winter, what do you always have on you?

Zombies are starting to take over your neighborhood. What do you do?

When do you tend to watch horror movies?

What is your favorite thing about horror movies?

You've just been attacked by what may or may not be a werewolf. What do you do?

What kind of pet would you want to own?

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

What is the snack food that you eat while you watch your movie?

What time of day do you usually watch horror movies?

What is your favorite season?

If you were to go on a vacation, where would you want to go?

What is your favorite slasher film?

What is your favorite vampire movie?

What is your favorite zombie movie?

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