Everyone Is a Combination of Two Beatles — Here's Yours

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There has never been a rock and roll band as well known as the Beatles. They are one of the most inspirational groups of all time and are indeed one of the best selling bands ever. While everyone remembers their songs such as "Hey Jude," 'Eleanor Rigby," 'Here Comes the Sun," "All You Need is Love" or "Revolution" the band is equally well-known because of their personalities; these guys were truly rock stars in every sense of the word.

You might not know this, but everyone is a combination of two Beatles, it is a scientific fact. John Lennon was the activist of the band; he was brilliant with a great sense of humor, he also was cynical and sarcastic. Paul McCartney was the cute one; he was optimistic, caring and light-hearted. 

Then there was George Harrison; he was the most spiritual Beatle, he was also humble and moral. And who could forget the drummer Ringo Starr? He was thought of as the soul of the band, but he was also the clown, and people saw him as sweet and funny. 

Take this quiz to find out which two Beatles you are a combination of. As long as you don't come out as the Walrus, you'll be fine.

How soulful are you?

Are you a leader?

How funny are you?

How well do you sing?

How would your friends describe you?

What is your favorite Beatles song?

Why is the opposite sex attracted to you?

Where do you hang out?

How is your hair?

Do you love to be in love?

How cool is Yoko Ono?

How into politics are you?

How many close friends do you have?

What is your favorite Beatles album?

Which of these rock bands do you like best?

What instrument do you want to learn to play?

How talented is Ringo really?

How much do you party?

What are your favorite kind of jokes?

What do you do when you're mad?

How do you work out?

What do you think of Pete Best?

Which song makes you feel romantic?

How often do you pray?

What kind of music do you like?

How good looking are you?

What book would you read on a plane?

How rich are you?

What sport is your favorite?

What do you think of Mick Jagger?

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