What's Your Superhero/Halloween Monster Combo?

By: Amanda Monell
Image: Warner Bros., Shutterstock

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When it comes to movies, superheroic action films are where it's at.   However, many comic book fans were upset with some of the liberties the character concepts.  One perfect example of this is the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.  When he first appeared in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," Wade Wilson was practically unrecognizable and they eventually ended up removing his signature wit by stitching his mouth shut.  This, of course, upset not only the fans but Ryan Reynolds, the actor behind the character.  He spent 10 years trying to get the film made.  Eventually, the studios came to their senses and the film was created to the delight of his fans. 
Similarly to comics, a horror film will take an everyday situation and exploit it to add thrills and chills.  Comic books do the opposite: they expand an everyday situation to create hope and justice.  

If the comic book fanbase is the king, the horror movie fanbase is queen.  While the films have a lower turnout, they have an entire holiday to get their moment in the sun: Halloween.  The season of thrills and chills hasn't gone lost on many businesses: candy sales help keep factories afloat, ghoulish makeup and nail polishes keep cosmetics trendy and fresh, and even theme parks have opened their doors well after their normal season is completed with Halloween-themed attractions to make a 3-D experience for their fans.

So if you could blend the heroic actions of a superhero with the monstrosity of a Halloween monster, which one would be the best description of your personality?  One way to figure out is to take this quiz!

What is the best thing about Halloween?

What was the last horror movie that you saw?

What superhero movie is your favorite?

"The Walking Dead" is currently one of the best dramas on television. Which character do you identify with the most?

If a vampire started to hunt for victims in your town, what would you do?

Which superhero do you identify with the most?

When it comes to superheroes, they sometimes adopt sidekicks to get stuff done. Would you employ a sidekick?

You just found out a werewolf is living in your town. What do you do?

Would you ever wear a bodysuit?

What kind of drink would you order at a bar?

When it comes to movie vampires, which one would you be afraid of the most?

What do you think your super power would be?

If you were to visit a witch, what kind of potion would you get?

What superhero movie would you take your date out to see?

Which supernatural television show is your favorite?

Would you sell your soul to a demon?

An evil witch has invaded your city! What do you do?

What perk of being a vampire would you look most forward to?

Which superhero television show is your favorite?

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" made its way into teen hearts in the 1990s. Which of these characters were your favorite?

Did you read any of the Twilight novels?

Which Marvel super villain would you not want to meet a dark alley?

Which Marvel superhero would you want to take out for a drink?

What DC superhero would you want to take out on a date?

Which DC super villain scares you the most?

As a witch, what would your most important tool be?

Who wins in a fight: Jason Vorhees or Freddie Krueger?

You just found out that a government agency is performing experiments on humans to make them mutants, what would you do?

Which character on "Midnight, Texas" do you most identify with?

Like this quiz, "Supernatural" is a perfect blend of superhero and horror. Which of the characters from this show do you want to be your BFF?

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