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Every few years or so, a new type of extreme sport pops up for those people who want to live (and play) close to the edge. Sometimes, that involves jumping out of planes, rolling down hills in giant balls or taking pogo sticks to the next level. Test how extreme your knowledge of these fringe sports is with the extreme sports quiz.

What does the "B" in BASE jumping stand for?

The word "BASE" stands for Buildings Antennae Spans Earth.


When zorbing, what are you strapped inside of?

Zorbing is a crazy ride inside a plastic ball that travels down a grassy -- or even snowy -- slope.


How high can the Flybar 1200, a souped up pogo stick, bounce?

The $350 Flybar 1200 can bounce 5 feet (1.5 meters) in the air.


Which of the following extreme sports became an Olympic event?

Olympic white-water canoe racing, or slalom canoeing, became an Olympic sport in the 1970s.


Which of these is not a wakeboard maneuver?

A speedball is a double front roll; a whirlybird is a back roll with a 360-degree spin.


What's the objective of wingsuit flying?

Wingsuit fliers must use parachutes to land, but they utilize the physics of flying to maximize their flight time on their journey from airplane to ground.


What did Evel Knievel scale over on his first professional jump?

Acting as his own press agent, ticket salesman, promoter and emcee, Knievel's first professional jump was 20 feet (6 meters) over boxes of rattlesnakes and two mountain lions.


What extreme sport, which means "free running," involves jumping across buildings and up walls?

When parkour hit the English-speaking world, it was given another name: free-running. Traceurs are parkour athletes.


During biathlons, what must competitors carry on their backs?

A typical biathlon event requires participants to ski for a certain distance, usually between 3 and 5 kilometers (between 1.9 and 3.1 miles), with .22-caliber rifles strapped to their backs.


In skateboarding, if you're "goofy footed," which foot rides forward?

If you ride with your right foot forward, you are goofy footed. If you ride with your left foot forward, you're regular footed.


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