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Do you know how to properly care for all of the different fabrics in your home? Take our quiz to find out.

What kind of iron should you use on cotton clothing?

Cotton can easily scorch, so make sure that iron is nice and cool.


High thread count sheets should be washed on what setting?

Sheets with thread counts of 1,000 or more use cotton fibers that are thinner than usual. These fibers are prone to breakage when exposed to hot temperatures, so these sheets should be washed in warm water and dried on a cool setting.


What is the secret to avoiding matting on a fleece pullover?

If you want to avoid matting on that favorite fleece, wash warm, remove it quickly and hang it up to dry.


Linen is a tricky fabric -- what's the best way to clean it?

Linen is one of those fabrics that you should always dry clean, if you want it to retain its shape and feel.


Dry cleaning is one option for polyester, but it can also be washed in what kind of water?

Dust off those '70s clothes by washing on warm.


Rayon is best dry cleaned, but in a pinch, you can do what to clean it?

If you must wash rayon at home, use your hands and some lukewarm water.


True or false: Cotton sheets should never be bleached?

Bleach weakens the fibers of cotton sheets.


What is the best way to clean silk?

It's best not to mess with trying to clean silk yourself. Take it to a trusted dry cleaner.


What should you never do with a stain?

Some stains should be left to the pros, others can be cared for at home, but never, ever rub it. Always blot.


Care labels should be?

The care label is there for a reason. Always follow the recommendations on the label.


Down comforters should be washed how?

Down comforters can be machine washed, but it needs to be in a large capacity front loader that can handle the weight of wet down.


What government body requires care labels on all clothing?

That would be the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC for short.


Ironing a stain will do what?

Never iron a stained article of clothing or you're likely going to make it a permanent addition.


True or false: All stains can be removed.

Some fabrics and dyes simply can't stand up to what it takes to remove a stain.


What should you never use on Lycra?

You should never bleach Lycra. It's just not a good idea.


What kind of water should be used to clean Spandex?

Spandex holds up best when washed in lukewarm water.


Although suede should usually be dry cleaned, what kind of cycle can you use for a machine wash?

If you're careful, you can machine wash suede clothing on gentle cycles.


How often should you wash a wool blanket?

Wool blankets usually only require washing once or twice a year.


True or false: Preshrunk clothes will never shrink again?

Sometimes the manufacturer doesn't properly shrink pre-shrunk clothing, so they can actually shrink even more in high heat.


What should you do with damp wool?

Direct sunlight and open air is what your wet wool needs.


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