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Do you have proper Facebook etiquette? There are no set-in-stone commandments to guide the social interactions that take place on Facebook, but that doesn't mean the Big Book of Faces is without generally accepted standards for how people should behave. Find out if you're a flagrant Facebook etiquette offender in this quiz!

Sending pokes?

We're not sure who came up with the idea of pokes -- not to mention the unsavory name -- but for anyone over a certain age, "poking" your Facebook friends is just not cool.


Friending strangers?

Sometimes it might make sense to friend people you don't know in person. Perhaps they're a business connection you're trying to establish or the close friend of a friend. But do this in moderation, and with a note attached explaining why you wish to connect. Never friend complete strangers.



There's not a lot of sympathy out there for people who practice vaguebooking -- the act of updating one's Facebook status to a cryptic herald of potential impending trouble. Often calls for attention, these gloomy updates can be pretty self-defeating, depending on the responses. Best to avoid.


Polling people?

Polling people can serve a purpose, or just allow interested parties to express their opinions on certain things. Not much harm in that!


Photographing food?

If you occasionally make a really awesome dinner from scratch, then people might be interested in seeing the fruits of your labor. But posting photos of the food served every time you sit down at a burger joint? Not so much. We're glad you're expending the time and effort to meet your daily caloric needs, but we don't need visual proof.


Taking quizzes?

We're going to go with fair game, with one important caveat: Take your quiz, but don't broadcast your results or send blasts to friends inviting them to also take the quiz. There are ways to get your results without committing a Facebook faux pas. Find them.


Tagging photos?

This one is tricky territory, but we're going to go with fine -- in moderation. But moderation really is the key. Any photos posted on Facebook should be relevant, flattering and not overly redundant. A few photos of your tailgating party are fine, as long as no one is shown in an unsavory light, but 80 are not. When it comes to posting photos of kids, however, all bets are off.


Ignoring friend requests?

You're under no obligation to be friends with people in real life, and the same goes for Facebook. Ignoring people you don't want in your digital life is perfectly acceptable.


Defriending people?

This one is a little dicey, but the same principle holds as it does for ignoring requests. No one can force friendship on you if you don't care to accept it. That being said, defriending people obviously isn't going to make you any friends (pun intended) but that's sort of the point, right? If you're just tired of vaguebook status updates, but don't wish to offend, consider a status block.


Deleting your account?

Done with Facebook? Decided it's not for you? Then you can go ahead and delete your account. It could be a hassle if you have second thoughts and decide you want back in, but deactivating your profile is an option. It might draw strange looks when you tell people who are still Facebook aficionados, but that's not your problem.


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