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It is so easy to furnish your home with a fall touch. Just look out your window at the glorious colors of red, gold, mahogany, mustard and all the other shimmering fall hues, and feel the inspiration wash over you. Then check out the accuracy of your inspiration with this quiz.

Which season is known for its leaves' changing colors?

Fall is when falling temperatures change the summer's drying leaves into rich reds and golden yellows before falling off their parent trees.


Fall is associated with an atmosphere of:

Fall is associated with inspiration and a relaxed atmosphere.


The fall season bridges between the lightness of summer and the ____ of winter.

By way of contrast, fall is the bridge between the light and dark of its neighboring seasons.


Why are the greens of the summer grass and the cranberry-reds of maple leaves popular fall colors?

Fall is all about pleasing contrast -- not too stark, yet not too soft either. Green and cranberry-red are pleasing contrasting colors.


In terms of the colors of fall, what color contrasts well with a rich brown?

A wonderful fall color contrast is rich brown and gold, the latter being the color of birch leaves.


What words appropriately describe the texture of the leaves of fall?

Among other descriptive words, fall's leaves can be described as shimmering and satiny.


To decorate your coffee table with an autumn feel, what could you scatter over an organza table runner?

Dried leaves would be ideal, especially over a decorative gold, cream or crimson table runner.


Your living room sofa has purple pillows of "antique satin." What can you add to give texture?

Take a chenille throw in any contrasting color, like crimson, brown or gold, for a rich fall texture.


What is the effect of shadows in your home?

Shadows, like fall, are all about contrast. Any shadow against the light will make that light appear more brilliant.


How can you use natural light to create a shadow effect?

Using lacy curtains or charming window shades, you cast shadows and create a pleasing shadow effect.


Which of these lighting options give a soothing ambience in fall evenings?

Go for the soft and subtle. Gold-colored lampshades with soft light bulbs are perfect.


Your children love nature and are creative, too. What's the best way to harness these two qualities for your decor?

If they love nature and are creative as well, spend time with them on a nature craft activity and make sure to hang it on the wall afterwards.


There is a lovely poem about fall that your children have composed. What is a good medium for their inscribing it for eternity?

Have your children write out the poem, using a gold metallic pen, onto calligraphy paper.


Dried leaves or flowers would add pizzazz to a nature wall hanging. How would you apply them?

Use some glue. There are many basic ones on the market and these would be sufficient to apply the dried leaves.


If you wanted to improve your home décor with an autumn feel, would it cost you a lot financially?

You needn't break the bank to introduce fall into your home décor. It is relatively inexpensive to do.


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